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How To Get Around The 7 Most Common Online Business Roadblocks

 What's Holding You Back...?

If you've been online business for a while and you're still not getting the income you want or you are struggling to get the income you want without working crazy hours then this the report is for you.
I'm going to look at the most common obstacles that prevent people from connecting and give you some insights and ideas on how to get around them, brush up on them, or go through them.

Let's start with the most obvious reason people fight ...

Failing To Take Action On The Information You Already Have...

Gathering quality information on how to build a profitable online business is great, but there comes a point where you simply have to take the leap and start taking some serious committed action to reach your income and business goals. When you look at them, objectively profitable online business is not so complicated.

There are 3 main elements:
• Getting traffic 
• Converting that traffic into revenue 
• Following up with visitors and customers

How to get around the 7 most common business obstacles online 3 If you haven't done anything online, stop reading this report and start something now. It doesn't have to be huge ... something really small is great ... just start doing something to get things moving. Even small actions build momentum, and when you keep acting consistently, the results you'll get when you look back a few months from now are staggering.

Avoiding Critical Steps Because They Make You Feel Uncomfortable...

Now you might be thinking, “I do a lot of online action. In fact, I work my ass up every spare minute I have. Here is the question you should ask yourself if you are in this situation: “Am I actually following a regimen or method that works just as well as it has been explained?” Or am I missing some steps?" If you work a lot and aren't getting results, it's usually because you're doing the things that are comfortable for you and not doing the things that make you uncomfortable. Here's what's interesting from a psychological point of view. When you avoid doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, you make it sound a lot worse in your mind (like a mental boogie monster in the closet)...

If you just bite the bullet and do the things you're avoiding you'll be surprised at how easy they really are. And you'll wonder why you thought they were such a big deal. So make a commitment now to do something today that you've been avoiding. Just put off mentally torturing yourself and get it done. It will be a weight off your mind and a huge boost for your online business.

Thinking Of A Blog Or Facebook Page As A Business...

It's great to get started online and running your own blog or Facebook page is a really great start. But if you go back to the 3 elements in the most profitable online businesses, you will remember that there is traffic, conversion and follow-up ...

Online businesses tend to make less profit when one of them is lost. There are exceptions, but the exception is probably none of your business. A blog or Facebook page will provide you with some traffic, but you still need a way to convert that traffic into income. And you need to keep track of your visitors and customers (preferably by email) so that you are building a long-term asset (an email list of your fans that you can reach out to
time of your choice).

A Lack Of Clear Lifestyle Goals...

This is a big one. Many people start businesses online with the simple goal of making money, which is great when you're just starting out. They try a few different things and then find something that really makes them some profit. And they do more and more of that, which is great when you're starting out too. But the problems start when you calculate the hours you actually work and find that you only make $ 15 an hour, $ 10 an hour or worse, only $ 3 or $ 4 an hour. For many people, their "successful" online business has become a chained monster where they work non-stop and get paid a really low hourly rate. They do not have a lifestyle beyond their business. As you grow in building your business, you need clear lifestyle goals so that you can refine everything you do based on those goals.

Right now write down 3 important goals:

• The weekly income you want to earn.
• The number of hours per week you want to work to generate that income.
• The number of weeks you would like to take vacation off each year.

Make the goals realistic. If you have really huge income goals compared to where you are now, you may need to set medium-term goals to get closer to those huge long-term goals.

For example, if you've never made more than $ 40,000 a year, setting an income goal of $ 500,000 a year is a bit unrealistic for a short to medium-term goal. A goal of between $ 60,000 and $ 100,000 a year is much more realistic and you are more likely to find achievable. Solving these goals will help you have a clear idea of ​​what your business should look like so that you can have the lifestyle you want ...

Plus, as you make one of the hundreds or thousands of decisions that build your business, where you decide which direction to take with your actions and the work you do, you can filter your decisions through your lifestyle goals and move forward each time. more towards them. That also means deciding when it's appropriate to outsource, automate, or go into a joint venture with others to get the job done and give you more time.

Giving Up Too Quickly On A Solid Plan. 

If you have a solid plan and things don't go as expected for a few weeks, then this is not the time to ditch it and try something else.
People who are successful in their online businesses are usually those who focus a lot on being good at one thing for an extended period of time. If you are learning to fly an airplane and take a lot of lessons, you can get to the point where you can fly well.
But if you want to get paid as a pilot, you need to take your skill to a more professional level and get a pilot's license.

Online is the same ...

Remember you have competition online and being poor or average at something will rarely give you a highly profitable return. You have to be really good at something to stand out from the crowd. That is much easier than you think. Often times, the successful people are those who simply stick around long enough that most others have given up ...

They stay standing by default because they are the only people in the particular niche or industry who held out long enough to develop a high level of skill in that niche. If you're jumping from one plan to the next, you just become another quitter, making it easy for the few who do push themselves to become niche leaders. There is a point where you need to dump some ideas, but it is usually well beyond the point where the average person gives up. Commit to developing some skill in an area or niche so that your skills have real value and can be turned into real earnings for you.

Doing Things That Can't Possibly Move You Towards Your Lifestyle Goals...

If you really want to earn a specific income by working a certain number of hours (as it should be), then you need to seriously consider the work you are doing now. Yes, sometimes you will have to work longer hours in order to reach your lifestyle goal. And yes, you will probably have to work to earn the income you want. But ask yourself, "Will what I'm doing now really help me achieve my lifestyle goals?"

Are you doing work that should be outsourced? Are you doing work that you shouldn't be doing at all because it can never help you reach your goals. Sometimes you need to give yourself a reality check.

Trying To Do Everything Yourself..

When you first start out and are learning the ropes, it is perfectly reasonable (though not entirely necessary) for you to do everything yourself. But if you look at your lifestyle goals at some point, you will probably need help getting things done and earning the income you want by working the hours you want. Many online businesses stop growing because their owners are trying to do what impossible ... to build a great business without any help. There are many different ways to get work done, including:

• Outsource work and pay for it task by task (this is practical with larger projects).
• Have your own full or part time employees. You can hire full-time “virtual” employees in the Philippines who are excellent workers for as little as $ 400 a month. And for a Filipino worker this is a great income. Or you can hire locally. As long as an employee makes you more profit than he pays you, then you are ahead ... it's a great business investment.
• Joint venture with someone who already has the skills or workforce to do the job he needs. They take on the work you can't do and you share in the profits. At some point you have to accept the idea of ​​letting other people work for you. It really is the only way you can have an exceptional income and the time to enjoy it.

Waiting Too Long To Act On Solid New Ideas..

One thing the most successful online business owners have in common is they take action quickly on ideas they know have merit for their business. This report has some fairly simple steps you can start taking right now to help you break through the roadblocks that are holding you back. The sooner you take action the sooner you can start moving towards your lifestyle goals and start living the live you choose to live...

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