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 What we do

All consumers may now have equal access to expert training with Kickoff's remote personal training service. In order to reduce the time it takes to achieve remarkable outcomes for customers, we utilize AI to reduce the fee
s they pay to coaches while simultaneously enabling them to serve more clients and earn more per hour of work.

With the aid of our AI, coaches design customized exercise, nutrition, and wellbeing plans for their customers, who are then guided through the programmers via our mobile applications and communicated with on a regular basis through text. Automation takes care of the rest, allowing coaches to have a far greater influence on a far greater number of people in the same amount of time.

We're on the lookout for exceptional trainers to assist us expand our offerings and keep up with the burgeoning demand from our clients. For trainers who want to expand their influence and help shape the future of fitness, this part-time position is for you.


  • Use our tools to onboard clients, close customers we provide you, delight them by demonstrating you care and making sure they have the ideal plan for them, with the aid of our AI, respond to any input the AI offers on how to accelerate client success. Complete the trial period:
  • Serve as a fully functioning coach for Kickoff's clientele: Introduce yourself via phone, get them enthused about our nutrition and fitness programme, use our tools to create their optimum workout and nutrition plan, then follow up daily by SMS.
  • To maintain a high level of monthly retention, keep exceeding expectations.
  • Improve the morale of those who are scared or demotivated by fitness by devising creative solutions to their problems.
  • Help us make our programme (exercises, routines, progressions) even better and more responsive to the demands of our clients.


  • Motivating even the most demotivated and tough customers is possible because of a high level of empathy.
  • Deep knowledge of the human body, exercise, diet, and scheduling for fitness.
  • Coaching experience that has resulted in great outcomes for clients.
  • Weightlifting, heart health, and correcting imbalances are all areas of expertise for this trainer.
  • Personal training or strength and conditioning certification, or the equivalent of four years of college

Nice to haves:

  • Experience in the sales field
  • Ability to establish a web-based brand and attract new clients through the use of social media
  • Advanced certification in strength and conditioning
  • Master's degree in fitness or nutrition training
  • a background in startups or cutting-edge technology


Enable long-term wellbeing for millions of individuals and see their quality of life improve dramatically.


  • Improving the user experience
  • Empathy and a willingness to accept others as they are.
  • stating the obvious
  • Looking for brevity.
  • Making judgments based on information
  • The position is a part-time position

Pay between $2,500.00 and $5,000.00 a month in rent.


  • Flexible working hours
  • Considerations for COVID-19
  • When it comes to COVID Precautions, you may work with us from anywhere, at any time.

Location: Canada


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