We Only Accept Original High-Quality Evergreen Style Guest Posts.

Lets Get Started Affiliate: If you have any interest in submitting a guest post article here’s how:

The Lets Get Start Affiliate is a WordPress resource. And membership website focus on helping people to share best digital marketing business opportunities with free tutorials and get the question’s answer in relation to building a successful WordPress website.

People count on us to provide them with meaningful content that answers common and not so common WordPress related questions.

Guidelines to follow if you want to write for us:

Our main focus and stated mission to promote your small business worldwide with digital marketing and start profitable personal or business related websites.

As you and I both, know guest posts are used from marketers to boost their SEO and because of this. The quality of pitched articles has gone downhill in the recent years. Many people made self profit by selling guest post. Because of this, we have stringent guidelines in place for guest post free articles.

As a Guest Blogger you will receive the following:

  • Featured image, one contextual bio link, and three social media links in Author Bio at end of article
  • One anchor text link of your choice in the content itself
  • Exposure to The Lets get started Affiliate audience,

Important Note: If you still have an interest in submitting an article primarily for acquiring a backlink. The article will be posted under our Editorial user account (you will not have an author bio). Author Bio’s are revers for people who are interested in being regular contributors to Lets get started Affiliate Plateform.

If you would like to contribute a guest post, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be high-quality original content
  2. Must be over 1500 words
  3. It needs to be an Evergreen (meaning timeless, only needing to be updated every few years if ever)

We do not accept generic or list post ideas. Examples include “how to setvup your WordPress blog“. Not only is this one of the main keywords for this site, but it covers just about every WordPress site on the internet. Nor do we accept things like 20 Best SEO plugins Seriously? Everyone knows Yoast SEO is the best 🙂

If you think your guest post will truly help our users and offer a new perspective. If you have any interest in working for The Lets get started affiliate as a writer then please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.