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It is the goal of anyone to persuade buyers to open their purse strings for their product catering. To that end, many entrepreneurs spend their early years with their product, working to ensure nothing compared to the market. Regardless of intent, spending the bulk of your energy on the product is a dangerous mistake.

A sensible entrepreneur should always focus on the number-one part of any business – The customers.

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Although most entrepreneurs think they are in love with their customers, many are actually in love with their product. If you dream of running a successful business that pleases your buyers, then ask yourself these four questions to ask your customers if you’re really head-over-heels.



Do I give voice to my customers?

The best companies are passionate about their customers. That much Tycoon Placing an empty chair in every meeting gives customers a seat at the table. Bezos credits Amazon’s record of innovation for this mindset for business catering: “We don’t focus on the next quarter of optics; We focus on what will be good for customers. ‘

In fact, you should give your customers a voice in their lifecycle, including the time before they make a purchase. If a customer walked away from the demo, ask why? If they have recently stopped renovating, call them to understand their barriers to success. These small gestures will provide invaluable insights, after all, no one knows more about being your customers than those who buy from you.

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If you are not already convinced, there is another important reason to give voice to your customers – if you do not give them an outlet to express their concerns, not only will they stop working with you, Rather you will open yourself up. For a bad review.

Do I listen to their response?

Giving Your Customers Only One Voice So far to build a truly customer-centric brand, you need to turn their feedback into action. In fact, collecting feedback and then failing to improve is worse than never asked before.

Known for pushing the limits of everything about What it means to act on customer feedback is explained. Begins with a 2016 tweet that contains profanity with a concerned citizen After the owners left their cars in the charging port, Musk responded just minutes later with a promise to fix the problem.

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Within a week Tesla had withdrawn a new 40 percent per minute idle charge for drivers who left their vehicles in the port for an excessively long period of time. Not only did Musk immediately solve a problem for his customers, but his solution also created an entirely new revenue stream for the manufacturer.

This is not to say that your customers will arrive with clear instructions about their problems. In contrast, customers are most preferred to speaking when their experience falls at one end of the spectrum – extremely happy or disappointed. For this it is necessary that you continuously purchase their input. Even negative comments are really an opportunity to improve and how difficult it can be to hear, the customer took a moment to help you improve your business, so pay attention to what they say Hear from

Do I understand their changing needs Business Catering?

If you are not careful then you can change the market conditions depending on the needs of your customers. To understand why this is so important, look no further than further twin case studies And .

At its peak, Blockbuster had around 10,000 outlets nationwide, dominating the DVD rental market with its convenient locations and superior selection. But with the rise of streaming in the late 2000s, blockbuster failed to adapt and was erased within a few years.

Coming to the other end of the spectrum were Netflix, who quickly adapted their DVDs by mail models to meet new customer demand for on-demand entertainment. We all know what became the media-giant Netflix, but if Netflix had focused on its product, what would have been in trying to provide the best DVD distribution service? He must have worked with Blockbuster – another failed business that didn’t understand his client.

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A cautious warning for any entrepreneur who thinks their market is immune to rapid change – Blockbuster declared bankrupt in 2010, exactly three years after Netflix launched in 2007.

Am I ready to improve?

It can be difficult to become a customer-centric brand right away, especially if you have not paid your customers what they deserve. Are you ready to accept the loss if a new product feature is not as useful as you thought? What if the market situation changes and you need to rethink your model business catering, a-la-Netflix?

Only you can know, but these are the questions that you should ask yourself if you are really ready to fall in love with your customer.

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