It is undeniable that a decent best freelance websites bring huge benefits to the entrepreneurs or the freelancers for freelancing work. With a reliable and suitable job listings, one can break the geographical barrier, reduce the advertising fees, have a flexible freelancing work time schedule, build up your brand’s suitable clients and then boost sales.

However, it’s not easy to find such an ideal marketplace on the internet like that. In the bad case, if one can’t select the right Niches which let you reach out to your target consumers or have unclear policies, you will end up wasting your efforts and money or even ruining your reputation.

So, what if I introduce you to a software that allow you to create your own part time jobs or Market hub where you can set any criteria or policies as you want? What do you think about freelancing work? Do you want to get more information about it right now? 

If you do, don’t miss to read why it’s worth to join Market Presso – The Freelancing work.


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This video is credited to software owner Saurabh Bhattnagar.  The purpose of the video is to share about introductory information about Market Presso.

Freelancing work Overview – MarketPresso



Karthik Ramani & Saurabh Bhatnagar


Market Pressoo



Launch Date

2020 – Feb – 10


Work from Home

Official Web

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30 Days Money Back


Highly recommend!


Coupon: Ideaslnsider For $10 Discount




MarketPresso is a unique online best freelance job tool that can help you to develop your online consultation place. Whatever the field you are working in, it helps to sell your expertise, this is highly recommended for you.

In short, unlimited working criteria that you can set for your online market. You can also sell not only physical products, but also expert consultation. Therefore, this software is really useful for freelancers.

Besides, you are the only owner who can post and sell products on your personal consulting hub, so there will not be zero rivals. In fact, nobody is going to outperform your efforts and take away your customers, which occur quite frequently in almost every other marketplace.


Benefits of Market presso

  1. Zero Competition
  2. You build your list
  3. Get started with zero profit sharing
  4. Complete Authority
  5. Charge anything you wish
  6. Sell any number of services



Karthik Ramani is well- renowned for his profound intelligence in the digital marketing industry. Many of his products and services getting in the center of attention for their professional success. During his profound life , people see him as an inspirational icon and always come for his support. This is getting viral since several of his products have become phenomenal, some of which are Social Marketing Suite, One Links, Lead Monster, Channel Authority Builder, EverFunnel

This time, he envelopes with Saurabh Bhatnagar, who is famous for his Facebook™ ads and funnel skills. Specifically, he has mentored 2 businesses hit 7 figures which is truly admirable.

It is undeniable that these two amazing creators can do unimaginable for you with MarketPresso. Please scroll down to read the detailed features of this product and figure out if it’s a good match for you or not!


Let’s take a closer look at what is inside of MarketPresso,

♦    Create 1 (or 10) professional, visually attractive marketplace:

Fascinating interface to allures the visitors with your professional online Marketplace in the website. Catch their eyes and keep them stay longer to shop your services. The site provided makes sure to increase customers and sales conversion ratio. Let’s have a look:

And of course you can sell just any kind of products/ services.

 ♦    Sell with NO competition:

If you take a look at freelancing sites, Such as, Divert, Up work, and people per hour, you can see that there are thousands of sellers in every niche and many of them with better consultant services. Meanwhile, with MarketPresso, you will sell in your marketplace with ZERO Competition with best freelance website

♦    Get buyer’s details for working freelance:

In comparison with the famous other freelancing sites, one can always get customer’s in-depth information with each sale and build your own potential email list. This simple thing will keep on bringing recurring jobs for you!

♦    NO starting fees required and keep 100% profits

According to Google, one can charge a 20% fee per sale on Fiverr or Up work, freelancing-work platform, nevertheless, anyone can instantly get started with your online freelance job without spending a penny.

The most interesting thing is that only after you have crossed orders worth $5,000 using MarketPresso, you will have to pay a 1%  fee per sale.

♦    Getting clients’ training:

Inside of the member’s area, there is a tutorial that helps you to be equipped with everything to get customers from every corner of the globe as internet create global market opportunities. This training provides you with everything you need to know about freelancing work.

♦    Automatic Google Indexing:

One can create content related to your products or services with the Blog article features inside MarketPresso. It can index faster on Google automatically. This is incredibly helpful for everyone who are using this platform to drive huge traffic from Google.


With this amazing feature, you’ll easily reach bent the target clients supported their profession, industry, demographics, current Company Plus, you’ll even be given a script of what to mention to them once you reach bent these high ticket clients.

♦    Access to “Revenue Rolodex” training:

If you would like to understand the precise strategies to use to urge free traffic and grab clients from a number of the most important sites online, Revenue Rolodex is for you! Thousands of business owners with ready wallets are trying to find serious service providers here. Your own marketplace will cause you to stand out from normal freelancers with their profile on a public marketplace.

♦    FBTM Ads Training by Forbes Recognized Cofounder of MarketPresso:

Saurabh Bhatnagar is one among the founders of MarketPresso may be a Forbes recognized Facebook™ ads expert. Besides, He is inside the member’s area and live trainings, he will teach you ways to bring your business ahead of 1000s of buyers using Facebook™ ads. Why not learn from an expert?

HOW DOES IT WORK? : Freelancing work software

When you log into MarketPresso freelancing work, you will see it dashboard which has an interesting interface like this,

Step 1: Add new market

Simply click onto “MARKETPLACE” and choose “Add New”. Then, choose the services or products depending on what you would like to offer your customers.

Step 2: Fill in the required work information for freelancing

Then, choose to “Add New Products” and add any product you would like to sell. Amazing platform, according to me.

Step 3: Add products to your MarketPlace

Then, choose to “Add New Products” and add any product you would like to sell.

Step 4: Add integrations (payment, auto responder, etc)

Click onto “Settings” and choose “Integrations“. You can then manage your orders, customers and subscribers with the help of MarketPresso!

My opinion on Freelancing work Software:

As you’ll see from my using instruction, it’s undeniably easy and straightforward to follow and that I find no difficulty using MarketPresso. Although, you’re an entire newbie, you’ll roll in the hay, too!

What impressed me the foremost is that this product allows me to make my very own Marketplace effortlessly.

To be honest, I’m tired and exhausted with other competitive freelancing work platform. Additionally, other platforms cost me many fees per sale while hiding away my customers list, which prevents me from reaching bent my future potential buyers. Thus, I’m always checking out a marketplace platform like this. That I am, so grateful that I came to understand about MarketPresso.

I regard it because the most potential marketplace compared to others. Also, I do know many people spend many dollars trying to urge a marketplace site of their own by outsourcing. Because of MarketPresso, I don’t get to waste much money and time while being capable of making absolutely professional and highly-engaging marketplace site with freelancing work!

I highly recommend this product because it is must have for everybody who is doing online business and in need of an efficient thanks to sell your products or services online.

WHO SHOULD YOU BUY THIS? Working freelance platform:

Apparently, MarketPresso is a good match for anyone who want to run their online business effectively. Especially, if you appear on the following list, you should really take this into consideration:

    +    Small or Local Business

    +    Product Creators

    +    Freelancers

    +    Marketers

    +    Entrepreneur

    +    Professionals

    +    Newbie


For MarketPresso, you have to pay $47 one time fee.

I know for this price, consideration may be a must. However, I think of my review, you recognize how valuable this chance is to possess your own marketplace without having to pay such a lot per sale.

Additionally, you’ll also build your own list from your customers to urge recurring income. Also, the worth will increase shortly after so make certain to grab this opportunity quickly. Only early birds get the best price!




  • Immediate Order Upsell 
  • Cashback Reward Method (Wallet)
  • More Ability To Give Coupons
  • Better Ability To take Bundle Deals
  • Ability To Give 1+1, 2+1 Giveaway Deals
  • Recommended For You Products (Like Amazon)
  • Loyalty Points
  • Bump Order Upsell
  • Customisable Pop Ups For Showing Offers/etc
  • Ability To Send Special Offer Via Chat
  • Unlimited Marketplaces



  • Template club for a ONE TIME PRICE
  • No Recurring
  • 10 DFY Marketplaces
  • 50 DFY Services Description in Internet’s Most Popular Niches
  • DFY Marketplaces Crafted by 7-Figure Copywriters & Award Winning Designers



  • Allow others to sell in your marketplace & take commission on every sale (just like Fiverr)
  • Sell Brand New Marketplaces To Your Clients and Keep 100% Profits!



Mobile App Version of the website


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


One more thing might be important to your mind is that you can receive just more than $5000 worth valuable bonuses from both product creator and me. This section features the creator’s bonuses which will go on well with today product.

Mine, which are divided into different types, are presented in the last section. So that after you already understand the product, you can by the way pick something helpful for your business.


WORK Freelancing – PROS AND CONS:


  • ​Cloud-based
  • ​No previous tech or designing skills needed
  • Easy setup
  • Valuable training package
  • Work for any niche
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • I have no complaint


I hope my MarketPresso freelancing work has given useful information for you. Please put in mind that this type of product can’t be any cheaper. This product may be a pearl of great price and I’m sure you don’t want to regret later for missing it.

Once again, I hope you’ll make a wise choice. Many thanks for your reading my review!

Sticky Note: If you buy through my link, my team will support you 24/7/365; be happy to contact me ANYTIME once you encounter any troubles in using or fail to contact with the authors/ product supporters. We’ll assist you RIGHT AWAY!

Besides, if you purchase this product through my link, you’ll also get these huge bonuses below (Please remember that these bonuses aren’t for the TRIAL or FREE versions)



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