Despite Tiktok’s large group of haters, is it really time to turn our back on laughter?

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Love it or hate it, TIC Toc May be here to stay. But it seems that many people hate it.

In the United States, the clock was running down at the time of Tiktok. Looks like there’s a last minute, with social media The platform’s parent company, ByteDance, is transferring its subsidiary to a fully US-based entity, which it and Oracle will own. Shady behavior To come to this conclusion, the continued existence of TikTok can reach about 40 percent of the country. surveyed 500 people In July about his feelings for the stage and found that 20.40 percent hate TikTok videos. Another 19.60 percent said they disliked them. While 500 people goes a long way from representing more than 300 million people, one finding is probably true for the majority: respondents 45 and older were more likely to hold a particular counterparty for the platform.

Weren’t they entertainment? Some of the best comedies during quarantine have come from Tiktok (often made on Twitter after its debut).

Sarah cooperTrump’s lip sync has turned laughter into tears and his social media stardom into one Netflix special.

Rosa and Marlene (Adam Ray and Marlene Mendez) have Got friendship Giving us their blessings Response video.

And when we come to know that there can be life on Venus, we have to be thankful for something that makes us feel alive here.


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