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Every entrepreneur has had a blast Creativity

Aha moment that made them stand on their way. But ensuring that creativity can often be the most challenging part of the process. We are constantly bombarded with new information and demands that can lead to good ideas that get lost in the rush of our everyday lives. So I carry a sketchbook everywhere. This is the key ingredient in a super simple practice that helps me develop new The products, Brand, and Business strategies. No matter what industry they are in, I recommend other entrepreneurs as a tool to boost their creativity with sketchbook – and best of all, drawing skills are not required.

I have never considered myself an illustrator in any way. In fact, I started sketching in an environment that would consider non-theism: I grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, working at my father’s plumbing construction plant. For years I saw him that he wanted to make his team. It taught me at a very young age how even the most basic pictures can bring big ideas to life. The drawing validates the idea. This makes it more real.

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Years later, I started dating a man named Sunny Chadha (whom I would eventually marry). They sent me a bouquet for Valentine’s Day – but the flowers spoiled and gave rise to the idea of ​​how the industry could get better. I started by sketching how flowers can be arranged in elegant, durable containers. Soon after, Sunny and I formed a luxury floral company based on those sketches Venus at floor, And it has been done for five years. We recently launched our second company, a crystal energy infused candle and skin-care brand, Chiji, Which also begins life with drawing.

To continue innovating Sketchbook for both,

Whenever I have a new product or concept to think about, no matter where I am, I make a quick illustration of it in my sketchbook and remember a few words Write down to keep why I made it in the first place. . Once every quarter, I set them aside for a few hours to review and everything I’ve done in the last few months. This is when ideas are processed – and when new ones are born.

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I like to be alone for this part. I get everyone out of the house and find a place where I find the most comfort, which is usually my bedroom. I focus first and put soothing music – mostly on instruments, because the song can be distracting. I often use a quiet application and drink tea occasionally. None of this is required for your creative process, but I think it is important to be in a quiet place.

Once I get in, I check my sketchbook for any potential winners and spend time tweaking them. I want to imagine myself all the new products I want to make. I draw in more detail, and sometimes I take out my computer to look up the history of a name or word. After a session, I show my team the drawing, and it becomes a more collaborative process.

Many of our products have come this way. I had an idea for an advent calendar that looks like a book. It is actually a box with 12 hidden compartments; When you open each one, there is a rose of a different color in a container like lipstick. On the sketch I wrote “12 lipstick minis” and “$ 299.” We have been selling this exact product for two years. I usually also draw all the products that we plan to roll on the same page for the next three or four months. It lets me see how they line up together, and if something feels out of place.

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This is not to say that it always works. Once I drew a folding table full of flowers. I thought, This is going to be such a great SKU! Who wouldn’t want a nightstand or a coffee table with a full bed of roses covered by glass? We went through a year of product development and ordered many samples. After going back and forth with the engineer, it will not ship properly.

But my advice to other entrepreneurs? Any idea is not a bad idea – and whenever you feel trapped, all you need to do is return to the drawing board.

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