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Liz Winstead is a fighter. She fought to get comedy central The daily show, Which he co-produced on air in 1996. She remained on the beloved-but-short-lived Air America radio network (co-founders of hosts / rectoneurs including Chuck D, Rachel Madavo and Mark Marrone) in 2004.

And in the decade after Sunset of Air America, he has created a sidewalk in support of comedy-club tours, one-off pay-per-view shows and more. Published essay collection That dovetail with her continued advocacy on behalf of feminist and humanitarian causes.

To this day, Liz Winstead is recently

Reeling from the grief of losing her younger sister, Liz Winstead Virginia Winstead, to ALS. “I feel really lucky to have a great family that is super supportive and super close, so we have each other, and it feels really great,” Liz Winstead says to work through this time is.

But true to her reputation, she remains intent on promoting her latest activist-entertainment effort, dubbing an evening of music and laughter “Do Re #MeToo”, Taking place around September 17 at 9 pm EST. Tickets pay-a-you-wish (follow previous hyperlinks to purchase) and give access to the sights and sounds of Wijsted and friends, including Broadway stars Laura Benanti, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me !,

Margaret Cho and Kathy Valentine Huh! Go-Go has sent a classically incorrect, male-driven pop hit over the years. All proceeds go Abortion access front, An organization to promote reproductive rights in all 50 states, Winsted founded 2015 (then known as the Lady Parts Justice League).

During a half-hour phone conversation, Winstead spoke of summoning an enterprising soul to pull it off. Universal epidemic-Air fundraiser, with colleagues around himself who embody the DIY spirit, and what it means to be a success that originated an iconic satirical news show, but continues to compete – And humor – addresses the serious challenges of our culture.

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Anytime looking at your plate whether you see yourself in an entrepreneurial light?

It seems to me that whoever is not part of white, the male power structure should be entrepreneurial. For a woman who wanted to do something on her own terms, there were not whites like whites, “You know what? Why don’t you come in and reestablish how you move around?” Want to do things? ” ”

So instead of being constantly paranoid when the doors were closed in my space, which was disappointing, I just decided – and luckily how technology has evolved and all these paths opened – I can create what I want. This is going to be tough, but at least I can set a different table with different people on it and try things that will probably be rejected by the creative standards of the past. I am very badass.

Does it describe the ethos that found AAF?

With AAF, I wanted to do something in the area of ​​abortion-rights activism and realized that there was a big hole that could be filled with humor and And bringing happiness. Lots of people with amazing activism work around caring for low-income people and marginalized people, but there was no organization that was able to mobilize people for awareness of various aspects of abortion care.

And through touring and our shows, being able to gather a fan base in a room and then also meet people who are providing care and activists in the city are performing and listening to us What they want. People will sign up right in the room and connect with these people. It was really fulfilling, popping up these pods and helping those who were already working.

Lind Winsted (c) had been working on the ground before the pandemic and was doing the work remotely.

Picture Sincerely: AAF

Is it challenging to draw attention to a particular rights issue when everyone is suffering from an epidemic?

Yes. you know what? Reproductive rights and abortion access always get in the way, and part of it is very controversial. People prefer to abort abortion so it is an issue or however it is not really a priority or it is not really necessary care.

And if you are pregnant and whatever your reason is, it is not real and is very important to access that care. Often we do not consider that just as a person cannot provide for another child and does not have the means, they should not be forced, especially during an epidemic.

I think a lot of people don’t understand that in this time of Kovid, the first thing is to ask the governors in many states who are trying to end their access to reproductive care, “immediately.” We are closing clinics providing abortions.

This is not necessary care. “He literally said,” You can stop your pregnancy, “as if your belly button goes off and you can do what you want. Were doing later. Therefore, to remind people that reproductive care is part of the issue of social justice and human rights, this is what we want to do – bring humanity and joy and send messages around a time when gathering is not necessary.

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“Do Re #MeToo” seems like a natural extension of that philosophy.

sure. All of these truly amazing women and female-presenting musicians are coming together and reclaiming the most erotic songs ever recorded to poke fun at men who write songs about women Are and are like, “Oh, it feels like this when it comes out of my mouth.”

It gives people a lot of catharsis. They can sing along, they can have a melody, they can see some of their favorite people doing it, and it’s an evening that seems like a good time that you either see with your friends on the zoom , Or you can share the screen or watch it by yourself, but you can have some fun while you’re doing it.

Scaling up from what would be a live-site affair for a remote event, did it help surround itself with artists coming from DIY backgrounds in music and comedy?

Yes, I think it did because all the artists came through the husky ranks to make a debut. Also singers and musicians who have come into their industry through sexism. One of the artists, I wouldn’t say who is, “I hate this song, and I can’t wait to fuck the hell out of it, and I just want to know how much I hate it.”

To be able to get those real moments with people and to understand them is really fun, “Why is it that the fight for the rights of women and people in the queue and that always seems to be funded by those who are Getting tortured in it? ”It’s like that bake-sale mentality – we are in it, we are trying to survive in it and then we are trying to raise money to help.

The in-person is always better, but is the fact that virtual events do not have at least one silver lining maximum presence capacity?

This is really fun, because when we were doing it on the road, we were choosing cities that had a very strong music scene, but that means you only do it in Portland or Minneapolis or LA or New York, Can do only in Chicago. , Liz Winstead.

Here, all these people can see it and all these people can play and they don’t have to live there. I’ve done a few virtual comedy shows where it’s really fun. It’s really sweet that someone who lived in Boise or Mobile, Alabama might be like, “Oh, I can tune in and watch this cool concert that probably doesn’t come in my city.” And that makes us feel excited. Even when we get to go back on the road, I think it’s worth it to virtualize once a year, just for those who don’t have it available.

Big question: After a long career with its expected peaks and valleys, not to mention your personal commitment to advocacy work, what do you do as a success?

It is a type of thing globally, but I choose based on whether the project rewards. When people see The daily show And the success of that, they need to remember that when I was relatively new to cable TV, Liz Winstead was working for cable TV money and everyone was like, “Why would you work with cable? Why would you try Don’t and don’t work in the network? ” “I like it, because I have freedom there, and they are allowing me to do things I couldn’t. And he grew into a kinnar.

With Air America, [it was], “Why are you doing that?” Well, because now cable has got all these restrictions and someone said, “Do you want to bring your stamp and brand to this radio network, where you find it funny and insulting and say what you want?” So if it is not nurturing and fulfilling, and I am not learning and building relationships and making changes, then I am not interested. Liz Winstead want to be tired because, she had a great day. Liz Winstead don’t want to be tired because, she was burdened with dirt that she don’t care for.


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