4 new apps will help you manage your inbox

Email(manage inbox) is useful, but often unbearable, which is why a new slate of apps is offering to help. We test them.

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Andrew Wyatt receives 300 to 400 emails per day. Some investors and partners are from Lapitox, The digital fashion branding platform she cofounded. Others are from potential customers. He does not want to miss important notes, but keeps searching for them throughout the day. “I tried everything Gmail Hack Inbox is trying to get zero, “he says. “Never mind, it was a big mess.”

This is why Wyatt was willing to spend $ 30 per month on a solution: it is called Supernatural, A new and much more E-mail Such an app, which raised $ 33 million in funding. And it is not alone; Superhuman is joined by a crop of new emails Apps, All ready for a go-to solution for untouched inbox entrepreneurs.


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“These new email apps allow for a better mix of capabilities like social network integration, and can improve individual workflows,” says Technology Analyst Rob Andrel. “Not all of these are ideal for everyone, but this trend suggests that you can find a better one for yourself to manage inbox.”

Superhuman makes for an interesting case study. At $ 30 per month, it’s like buying a Lamborghini when you can get a Toyota Corolla (called Gmail) for free. But it is made for those who have a problem worth paying to solve. Artificial intelligence highlights the most important emails; Messages from different types of people (investors, customers, friends) are routed to the “split inbox”; Keyboard shortcuts process messages at lightning speed; The “snippets” feature enables users to send detailed canned messages; And there is more.

“Entrepreneurs are in a very unique position: the rate at which we respond to email sets the bar for our entire organization. The faster you move, the faster everyone will go.”, Founder of Superman Says Rahul Vohra. He wants the app to improve the “flow state” of entrepreneurs – helping them focus on the emails that matter the most.


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After trying to supernatural myself, I can appreciate what Vohra means. The interface is exceptionally clean, with no deflection. On the iPhone version, I found it very quick to swipe email and find the old one – helping email to become a tool, not just a task. The major commands are prominently useful; For example, toggling in my calendar, hitting 0.

These reasons are Wyatt’s joy of paying; He now feels free from the slogan of email. After our call, I promised to send her a follow-up message. “I know I’ll get it, because I’ve already marked you as important,” he jokes. A new status system is born.

Other New Email Apps Email(manage inbox) 


Cost: $ 99 per year

O (created by basecamp) emphasizes receiving, sending. You can choose who can email you and where their emails go, and everything else is ignored. To host business domain email, Are For Work is coming forward.

manage inbox software with paid service


Cost: $ 1 per user per month for the Lite version

One of the best options for business email hosted using your domain, Zoho is strong on compliance, security and reliability. You can email and comment, bring your Twitter feed.

manage inbox email paid service website


cost free

Twobird uses your existing Gmail account. The “two birds” are emails and notes, all integrated into the app for collaboration purposes.

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