Nikon D500 Digital SLR Camera Body is equip to go at any place. Your ardor leads you, capturing the whole lot with lovely clarity, pace and resolution. From busy, low-light city space to exciting natural world scenes and quick motion shots. D500 is the best companion to your wanderlust. Marvel at the clarity of its cinematic 4K UHD video.

Be amaze at its ruggedness and versatility. And, once you’ve captured your top notch photos, admire them on the D500’s excessive decision tilt touchscreen show. The built-in Snap Bridge (Wi-Fi + Bluetooth) capabilities. No matter what you shoot, one can certain that the Nikon D500 will be up to the task every time.

Your tour companion – The glossy and lovely D500 goes anywhere you go, bringing alongside beautiful decision and performance. Packing a lot of electricity into a smaller camera physique. DX sensor potential one can take advantage of the smaller and lighter DX lenses in the NIKON line.

Nikon D500 FEATURES:

When you’re travelling, every ounce counts. The great part is, there may be no want to sacrifice picture first-rate to gain portability. The Nikon D500 strikes the best stability with its 20.9 megapixel. CMOS sensor, and is equip to capture the incredible details, colors, and textures this world has to offer.

You’re trekking through the lush landscapes of New Zealand or on safari in Africa. It will be gear up to go, straight forward and unobtrusive. Unleash the full potential of the D500 – Like every Nikon DSLR. The Nikon D500 is high-quality pair with legendary NIKKOR lenses which provide unequaled clarity and versatility.

The NIKKOR legacy is unmatch, there’s a reason over ninety five million have been sold to date. Each lens presents an exclusive view from which to capture your memories. Shooting landscapes or portraiture? The speedy AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-80mm f/2.8-4E ED VR should prove to be your quality friend. Prolong your variables with the light-weight AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED too.

20.9 MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor and EXPEED 5 Image Processor

The DX-format 20.9 MP CMOS sensor is pair with the EXPEED 5 photograph. Processor to supply an esteem mixture of high sensitivity. Nuanced image quality, and fast usual performance.

At native values, a sensitivity range from ISO 100-51200 approves working in a broad array of lighting condition. It can similarly expand to ISO 50-1640000 (Lo 1 to Hi 5) to cope with the most difficult of situations.

The mixture of decision and sensor dimension also contributes to easy photo high-quality. Smooth color transitions with reduced noise in the course of the sensitivity range.

Despite the benefiting photo quality, 5 processor also affords a wealth of speed at some stage in the camera system. Including a pinnacle non-stop taking pictures charge of 10 fps with full-time auto-focus and exposure metering.

Up to 200 frames can be record in a single burst, even when capturing 14-bit lossless compress NEF files. Additionally, slower non-stop taking pictures quotes are accessible as nicely as a Quiet Continuous Mode for taking pictures. There are three fps in noise-sensitivity areas.

4K UHD Video Recording

The Nikon D500 helps 4K UHD video recording at 30, 25, and 24 fps frame rates. Full HD/HD recording at up to 60 fps. The ability to shop movie files to the in-camera reminiscence card. As an uncompressed file to an optional exterior recorder with the aid of HDMI out. For maintained fantastic and versatility in how your films look, three photograph area picks are available

  • 4K UHD movie image format is an area. It provides a 1.5x increase in the effective focal length of the lens in use. That is reserved for 4K 3840 x 2160 recording.
  • 1.3x-based movie image area provides a 1.3x crop of the DX sensor. It is used for recording FULL HD and HD video.
  • DX-base movie image format utilizes the full width of the DX-format sensor. It’s used to record Full HD 1920 x 1080 and HD 1280 x 720 video. This setting is well-suite for shallow depth of field effects and provides the widest field of view.

As with nevertheless shooting, the broad range of sensitivities is on hand for recording in low. Bright-light conditions, ranging from multiplying ISO 100-1640000, and sensitivity values are manually adjustable via the committed movie-shooting menu.

Nikon D500 Details:

Also, a video-optimize Flat Picture Control mode can be use in the course of recording. The ordinary distinction curve for greater manipulate throughout post-production and color grading.

Electronic Vibration Reduction function can be used all through Full HD and HD recording. It’s minimizes the appearance of camera shake across three axes to manage horizontal, vertical, and rotational movements.

Additionally, Active D-Lighting can also be employ for the duration of Full HD/HD taking pictures to retain spotlight. Shadow element when working in high-contrast situations.

In regard to handling, a dedicated energy aperture button (Pv) makes it feasible to reap smoothly. Continuous publicity transitions when switching from mild to the darkest areas. Auto ISO can also be used to maintain regular brightness when working on altering light situations.

Audio recording can handle the usage of the built-in stereo microphone. Nonobligatory exterior mike can be introduced by means of the 3.5 mm stereo jack for higher manipulate over quality.

If the use of the in-camera mic or an exterior mic. Audio levels can be adjusted in 20 increment. Live monitoring is feasible via the headphone jack, which afford 30 different volume degrees for playback.

In addition to straight movie recording, time-lapse recording. For up to 9999 consecutive frames shot over the path of up to one week. It is also viable with up to 4K UHD/30p output from the camera.

153-Point Multi-CAM 20K Auto focus System

Matching the speed and imaging abilities is the apt Multi-CAM 20K AF system, which points 153 complete phase-detection points. Consisting of ninety nine cross-type sensors for multiplying problem recognition. Fifty five of the factor is selectable for increased compositional freedom.

Complementing the abundance of focusing points is a devoted AF engine. Which affords speedy response instances to gain tracking speedy and randomly moving subjects. Even at the pinnacle 10 fps taking pictures rate. The AF engine additionally contributes to more suitable focusing sensitivity, with all points capable of focusing -3 EV. The middle factor success of studying at -4 EV for working in very dark, low-contrast situations.

Nikon D500 DSLR Single-Point AF further

  • The Nikon D500 camera uses a single point to find focus
  • Dynamic-Area AF: Available with 25, 72, or 153-point selections. This mode uses a primary single focus point to lock onto focus. Then makes use of the surrounding points for maintaining focus while tracking erratically.
  • Group-Area AF: This mode treats smaller groups of AF points as a single point for a wider field of recognition. It is well-suite to tracking faces or other detail subjects.
  • 3D-Tracking: Using a subject’s color information. This mode utilizes all 153 points to maintain focus on a moving subject while half-pressing the shutter button.
  • Auto-Area AF: This mode makes use of all 153 points to quickly identify the main subject. Then prioritizes recognized faces as portrait subjects in any AF servo mode.

In addition to the range of AF-area modes, an AF lock-on function can also use to enhance issue monitoring performance. It can be adjusted via two parameters-quick or delayed blacked shot. AF response and erratic or regular subject movement. By configuring these settings, the AF overall performance can be optimize to manage an extensive range of situation movement types.

Lastly, a unique auto AF fine-tune function can employ to ensure the satisfactory feasible focal point for each installed lens. This function lets you acquire unique center of attention. They have the AF device calibrate itself to the fine-tuned focal point position in order to alleviate front.

Nikon D500 Body Design

  • A large 3.2″ rear LCD reveals aspects a high 2,359k-dot decision for clear, vivid playback and live view shooting. The monitor is also a touch screen for extra intuitive menu navigation and settings control. It is usable while shooting. It is giving you the ability to pick a center of attention point. The display screen can also be use as a keyboard for rapidly coming intot notes, copyright info, or IPTC information. Additionally, it aspects a tilting design for simpler visibility when capturing from high and low working angles.
  • A bright penta prism optical viewfinder offers 100% body insurance. Contains a natural EL show device to furnish shooting records for seamless adjustment over settings. Additionally, the optical glass features enhanced coatings for extended brightness, contrast, and color neutrality for greater real looking viewing.

Additional Design Features

  • Extending file saving abilities through permitting overflow recording. In-camera file, duplicating, or the capacity to segregate raw and JPEG files, between two cards. The D500 is configure with both SD and XQD memory card slots.
  • A robust magnesium alloy chassis is each dust- and weather-resistant to gain working in harsh climates and inclement conditions.
  • The ergonomic grip and usual shape aspect are fashion to advantage handling for extend intervals of time. They are similarly notice through anti-slip, texture controls and easy-to-open card slot covers. Additionally, most of the rear buttons on the rear of the camera are illuminate for greater visibility. It is working in dim lighting fixtures conditions. Two configurable buttons, one front-facing and the other rear-facing, may also be assign for checking depth of discipline. It used for other capturing controls.
  • The cover EN-EL15 rechargeable lithium-ion battery is CIPA-rating to final for about 1240 shots per charge in single-frame launch modes. The non-compulsory MB-D17 Multi-Power Battery Pack can also introducing to in addition prolong shooting times.

Snap bridge Wi-Fi Connectivity


Supporting a wealth of sharing and tagging possibilities. The Nikon D500 features built-in Snap bridge. Wi-Fi connectivity to enable seamless transfer of imagery as properly as far capturing capabilities. Bluetooth Low Energy technology enables communication between the digital camera and a clever device. Additionally, the cell gadget can remotely set off the shutter. It shows live view image from the digital camera to enable working from a distance. NFC (Near Field Communication) is also supporting to supply a speedy. Simple tap-to-connect method for linking your cell units with the camera.

For quicker wireless performance, the Nikon D500 is also well match with the optionally available WT-7A. Wireless transmitter enabling transmission of photo documents by means of FTP server. Computer at speeds of up to 866.7 Mbps.

Nikon D500 Scene Recognition System and Exposure Metering

The Nikon D500 has sensible Scene Recognition System with 3D Color. Matrix Metering III makes use of a 180k-pixel RGB sensor to consider. It is analyzing all components within a scene. Along with brightness, contrast, subject distance, and the scene colors, to quickly determine an accurate exposure. White balance setting to first-rate render the scene at hand. The information gathering is also check in opposition to on board reference. Snap shots to ensure consistency from photograph to photo in regard to exposure. I-TTL flash settings, and subject-tracking AF performance.

Other Nikon D500 Camera Features:

  • Three types of auto white balance are available: Auto 0, which contain natural white values under any lighting fixtures condition; Auto 1, which keeps a balance of coloration between the subject and ambient mild conditions. Auto 2, which renders coloring with a natural warmness. Retains the color of more than a few types of lighting.
    In-camera flicker reduction is on hand for both still shooting and film recording.
  • Three unique sizes of documents can use relying on your output needs.
  • Spot White Balance control for live view shooting makes setting the white stability. Convenient as pointing to the location in the body that ought to be white. Additionally, 1-6 preset white balance settings can be save for less complicate switching between different mild sources.

Additional features:

  • Nikon D500 is well match with the radio-controlled Advance Wireless. Lighting system, which allows working with the optionally available WR-R10. Controller and WR-A10 Receiver, along with the SB-5000, for intuitive, controllable Wi-Fi flash shooting.
  • Picture Control modes enable you to set predefined looks to imagery in-camera. Landscape, Monochrome, Neutral, Portrait, Standard, Vivid, Flat, and user-customization settings.
  • Language support: Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).





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