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What makes a PowerPoint presentation effective?

With a few key PowerPoint tips and tricks, you can be just as confident as this character in your next presentation! (Image source: Envato Elements.)

Knowing how to use PowerPoint and working within it early is helpful. But more important is creating a good presentation that hits all your goals and delivers it effectively. A great PowerPoint presentation is:

  • Ready to Win. Professionally researched, planned and prepared so that you can effectively deliver the right message to your target audience.
  • Designed correctly. With points that are illustrated and visually illustrated without overwhelming your audience or unnecessarily complicating your message.
  • Practiced to perfection. Rehearsed as rehearsals with his live audience and arrived on time.
  • Gave up with poise. Presented with a calm inner and confident, full of projection, communicating warmth, enthusiasm and energy.
  • Free from mistakes. Devoid of substandard clip art, non-flashing glare, abortions like reading directly from promoters, and other easy to avoid problems.

Consider your all-inclusive guide to making a good presentation PPT. We will focus on preparing your presentation, how to design it in PowerPoint, as well as how to practice your delivery and present nails.

We will also address what not to do with these tips for PowerPoint presentations – so you can prevent any major mistakes.

Killer Presentation Preparation Tips – The Right Start

Before you open PowerPoint, start by addressing these things. These Microsoft PowerPoint tips and tricks will ensure that you are all set for your presentation:

1. Know your stuff

Your presentation is not about slides alone. It is about the message you want to receive. Before filling in the figures, facts and figures, think about the narrative that will be discussed, why and in what order. It is essential that you learn to give a good presentation ppt.

2. Write it

Start on a Word or Google Doc, and the storyboard or script will give you complete information about how the information presented will flow, and in what order the audience will see it. Learn the entire writing process:

3. Highlight what’s most important

A presentation covers only the most important pieces. Whatever you’re working on – a paper, a work project, a new product design – that doesn’t need to be shared in its entirety. Finally choose the key points to refer to during the Q&A session and place the rest in the “Appendix”.

4. Know your audience

How you talk to a room full of medical professionals should be different from the way you address a room full of young entrepreneurs. Everything is, in fact, different. Your topic selection, the language you use, the examples you give. The small bits of humor included should be specifically tailored to your target audience.

Getting to know your audience well — their apprehensions, wants, and desires — is the first step towards creating a PowerPoint presentation that persuades them.

5. Rehearsal! (Yes already)

It’s never too early to get accustomed to the rhythm of your presentation and to focus on the points you want to emphasize. Saying it out loud, you will begin to develop a “feel” for the content and note that some things work well, while others do not need to work.

6. Rewrite after you say

As you are rehearsing your presentation, you are bound to stumble upon sections that do not quite flow naturally. Instead of redoing your delivery, it may be time to consider the content and rewrite the areas that served as a stumbling block.

“Editing is hard. It’s good enough,” is a phrase wannabes use. Leaders take editing seriously. “Anthony Trendle

The writing phase is the most important part of making a great presentation. The second most important step is rewriting.

7. Share with a friend

If the stakes are high for your presentation, then it is never too early to get feedback from people you trust.

Here is an article to help you collaborate as a team on a PowerPoint presentation. When you collaborate with Entry-Level Remote Jobs, get PowerPoint design tips from people you trust.

Intro & Choosing a PowerPoint Template

As you can see, PowerPoint is an incredible tool for sharing your message with an audience, but it’s important to remember that PowerPoint is really just a visual aid that complements whatever you’re saying. That’s why it’s so important to choose a PowerPoint template that fits your message.

For example, if you’re giving an in-depth business presentation cartoons and whimsical colours might not be the best fit. You really have to think about whom you’re talking to, and, what you’re saying then find a template that fits the occasion templates are useful because they take the hard work out of slide design.

One subscription, unlimited downloads; the templates you’ll find on Envato Elements are loaded with PowerPoint tips and tricks. (Image source: Envato)

PowerPoint template is a collection of rebuilt slide designs complete with colour palette’s text placeholders and more once you choose a template. All you have to do is drop your own content into the placeholders. Share it with your audience no need to spend time building slides from scratch PowerPoint includes a collection of templates built in these are okay for some purposes.

But I strongly prefer the incredible templates available on Envato elements is an all you can download service for creatives and it includes thousands of amazing PowerPoint templates as you can see here elements has a template to suit almost any need what’s more unlike built-in designs many of these templates come with a ton of customisation options to make your slide deck truly unique.

Choose Proper Templates:

One can dial in your search terms based on your specific needs try business presentation or photo PowerPoint for example elements will display results geared around certain themes and give you templates to choose from presentations have a mood and a feel to them and it’s key to choose a template to match again Online Work From Home Jobs.

It’s critical to focus in on your message and your audience thinking through this on the front end makes for better and more effective presentations when you’re done spend some time looking through elements vast collection to find the template that’s right for you by choosing one of these.

You can instantly give your presentation a professional looks simply not possible with anything built into PowerPoints to look at one in more depth just click on the thumbnails will select the template as you’re seeing me do here you’ll see a screen with more image previews along with the description of the template’s features Freelancing work if you’re happy with it just click download here in the upper right corner you’ll see a screen pop up that asks you to associate the download with a project this is a simple licensing step so just input what you’re using.


How to Edit Slide Layouts in PowerPoint?

The template for and then click add and download. Even if, you eventually quit subscribing to the elements. You’ll still be licensed to use the template, once this is complete, your download will begin open up the zip file that you downloaded from the elements, then find the dot Pptx file and double-click to open it up.

That’s it, in just a few steps we’ve chosen a template that’s perfect for our presentation. When you’re working on a PowerPoint presentation, one of the first things, you’ll want to look at is the slide layout the slide layout. Which is, basically, the arrangement of content on the slide itself slide layouts include text boxes, graphics image placeholders, and more these really let you dial in your slide designs to match the type of content you’re showcasing.

Customizing the slide layout:

Now every slide has a unique layout, but it isn’t set in stone presentation designs built into PowerPoint itself. Offers some options for customizing the slide layout, but they’re pretty basic. You can get a lot more flexibility by using pre-built templates from Envato elements. These are designed by creative professionals and are tailored to meet the needs of presenters like you. As we discussed, in the first lesson the first step here is to spend time picking a template that fits well with the presentation online work from home jobs and get paid.

You’re giving for example, if you’re trying to promote your business to potential investors a business themed pitch deck template will likely include built-in layout options that match well with your goals once you’ve selected and downloaded a template. It’s time to get started editing the slide layout for the purposes of this lesson. I’m using the symphony template from Envato elements. It’s a robust and stylish PowerPoint template with a ton of amazing layouts built in. I’m looking at the first slide on screen.

Slide Editing

Here and now, let’s preview a few of the built-in layouts. I’ll scroll down here on the sidebar on the left and click on a few thumbnails to preview slide layouts. As you can see each Slide includes an array of content placeholders. Now, all you have to do is click on each one and fill in your own content this takes the tedium and guesswork out of designing slides from scratch.

Once, you find a layout. Like, you can click and drag to move the slide around in the presentation itself, or if you want to duplicate a slide. Right click on the thumbnail here and click duplicate slide. This is perfect. If you want several slides in a row with the exact same layout, just change out the content, and all of your layout edits will be automatically preserved.

Choose Proper Image background:

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only way to change a slide layout. This next technique is especially useful. If you’re using a default theme that comes with PowerPoint. Let’s click on slide 24 here. As, you can see in the preview, this slide is mean to include boldly contrasting text with an image background, but suppose you want to use this exact slide for text imagine a title across the top.

Two columns for the body, luckily is changing the layout of a specific slide is super easy. Make sure, you’re on the home tab here on PowerPoints’ ribbon and then click on the layout here in the upper left corner. You’ll see a menu pop up with an array of different layout options. These will vary between any two templates that you might be using remember.

We said, we wanted a title and two columns staking a look at the option shown number 54 looks perfect. Just click on the preview and this layout, edit will instantly be applied to your slide. Then just go ahead and start adding your text to build out the perfect slide. Remember, you can always reverse these changes. Just click the undo arrow here at the top or repeat the steps. Choose another layout from the layout menu, okay.

Clean + simple formatting makes all the difference!

We’ve got a complete tutorial on properly formatting your PPT slides. Read along and review the video. Just remember, less is more. The focus is you and your message, not your slide.

Make sure all objects are aligned online jobs

A simple way to create a well-designed presentation is to ensure that all items on the slide are aligned intentionally. To do this: Shift + hold select on all items you want to include. After that choose Arrangement in the option bar and apply element type.

Limit restriction

This is not the place for exclamation points. Emphasize your words (while speaking). Do not list punctuation for you to do this. (Leave them at home!!!)

Avoid over-formatting your points

This PowerPoint presentation tip is simple. There is no need to capitalize every word of each bullet point, or to hold all your bullet points in the title case. If possible, skip the pills altogether. Again, better simple!

How to Work with the Slide Master in PowerPoint?

To build your PPT presentation skills, it helps to record yourself and review it for opportunities to improve. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

That’s it, we’ve learned how to edit slide layouts in Microsoft PowerPoint. In the last lesson we looked at how to customize the layout of individual slides. This is great, if you need to customize each slide by itself, but sometimes, you need to apply the same edit to a group of or even all of your slides.

Stop Repetition with Slide:

Let’s say you have an image that you want to place in the corner of each. Every slide this sounds pretty straightforward, but think about it for a second. Imagine, you’re building a presentation with 75 unique slides. Can you imagine repeating the same step 75 times over just to feature a single image? It doesn’t sound like much fun and fortunately.

It’s completely unnecessary. This is where the PowerPoint slide master feature comes. In slide master is a bulk editing tool built into PowerPoint when you’re visualizing a presentation picture. It as a stack with a master slide and then a series of related slides any change or edit made to the master slide. It’s automatically applied to any of the slides below.

Edit from the beginning:

Let’s take a look. I’m working in the symphony theme here with Envato elements and I want to put the same image on each and every slide assuming. I use every slide in the deck. I have 94 total slides here. This is a perfect time to use the slide master to update them all. A process that could take hours, adding the image to dozens of slides can be reduced to a few easy clicks. I’ll come up to PowerPoints ribbon here and click on the view tab in the master view section.

I’ll click on the slide master option now watch what happens here in the sidebar on the left side slide number. One is displayed large with a whole collection of previews below indented to the right slide number. This is the master slide anything shown on slide number. It will be displayed on every slide below which in this case is every slide design in our presentation.

Numbering the Slide

This will vary a bit between different PowerPoint themes, some may include multiple master slides for example. It’s just a matter of previewing slide master in the template. You’re using to find out as you can see all the master slide includes by default is the purple number place holder.

Here in the upper right corner remember what we want to do is add an image to every slide to do that. I’ll come up to the ribbon again and click on the insert tab. Then, I’ll click pictures. Then, it’ll simply browse to an image stored on my computer, click to select it, and then, click on insert the image will appear on my master slide as usual with PowerPoint.

Add and Scale the image in Slide

I can click and drag to scale and reposition the image around the slide as you’re seeing me do here. Once, I’ve placed it in a spot that like I can preview my slides by scrolling down here on the left. Remember that slide layouts have content placeholders in many locations, so be sure to check each slide too. Make sure, your image shows clearly, if you’re satisfied with the results.

It’s time to return to the normal slide view on the slide master tab. Just click close master view here at the top boom. You’re back to PowerPoints’ usual look and you can see your image applied to each slide. Remember, you can insert any type of content onto a master. Get the same results preparation is key when you’re building and giving a PowerPoint presentation. Initially, I found it really helps to outline my message and content ahead of making my slides outline serve as a guide map to make sure you track.

Quick Summaries and Add Creative Ideas

Utilize the big ideas and concepts you want to focus on, but outlines aren’t just useful, when building your presentation. They’re also great when you’re reviewing it. That’s where, I like to use outline viewing PowerPoint outline view is a way to look over the titles. The main text on each slide at a single glance, this is especially useful.

If you want to review your main ideas right before you present. It’s also useful for grouping slides together and figuring out where you’ve placed certain concepts once again. We’re working on the symphony presentation from Envato elements. Let’s say, I want to quickly review an outline of my slides in outline view at a glance.

I’ll be able to review quick summaries of the content featured on each and every slide. I’ll come up here to the view tab on the PowerPoint ribbon now. You’ll see the collection of options over here in the upper left corner called presentation views. I’ll go ahead and click on the outline view PowerPoint will shift to outline view.

Choose three focal points in the room

If you stare at the same place (or even creep, same person) the whole time, your presentation will be ineffective (and awkward). People will be distracted by you, wondering what you are seeing.

Try this: Choose three dots in the room (usually: left, center, right). Take time to direct your delivery towards each physical focal point in the room. Also, focus on the center when creating your primary points.

Very your sentence length

You find it more interesting and easier for your audience to follow. Think short and porous. Or are long and complex for dramatic effect.


Do not speak in a monotone for your entire presentation. Be vigilant to raise and lower your voice. Otherwise, people will tune you in, and you will come in Charlie Brown like a teacher.

Practice in front of a mirror

What you look like is as important as what you sound like. Note that you are having a normal conversation and allow your hands to move with your speech — emphasizing your points. Just don’t go away! (I’m thinking your aunt Jamie, not Brain Brown or President Obama, after some grunt and tonic.)

Use “current mode” while rehearsing

When you are finally ready to hit the button that is in PowerPoint, make sure you use the current mode option. This allows for you (and only you) to see additional notes about each slide – just in case you forget something!

Practice with a new audience!

If possible, try to do some real live tests at a webinar or local Toastmasters organization to get some feedback from live audiences work from home.

Use PowerPoint Outline & Slide Sorter Views

Use a professionally-designed presentation template, such as those available through Envato Elements or GraphicRiver, to make sure your web presentation looks good. (Credit: Envato Market)

You’ll be able to see it here in the sidebar on the left side. If it has won the title of each slide will be printed in bold. Subheadings that you might have will appear directly below with the slide number over on the left side. If you have content placeholders save for the images instead of subheadings.

Save for the images instead of subheadings

Don’t worry, outline view shows this as well, so it’s easy to find a spot in your slideshow in outline view. If you need to place an image to switch away from outline view. Jump back up here to the presentation views group and click normal PowerPoint will return to the usual default view now. Let’s check out another one of my favorite views in the PowerPoint slide sword review Entry-Level Remote Jobs.

This is a way to view your whole presentation at a glance. It’s perfect for reordering and rearranging your slide slide sorter lives up here in the presentation view group too. I’ll go ahead and click on the option for iron your screen you’ll see the presentation, transform into a series of thumbnails these are small previews of each and every slide you can click on one to view it, or you can click. Drag to reorder slides as you see me to do here.

Present in a perfect sequence

This is the easiest way to arrange your presentation in a perfect sequence. If you want to delete a slide simply click to select it and press delete on your keyboard, of course, my changes can be reversed simply by clicking the undo arrow here in the top left corner to return to normal view follow the same steps from earlier.

Choose normal up here on the left side. As, you can see an outline view and slide sword review are two of the easiest. Yet most useful options in PowerPoint. One is geared toward quickly visualizing the main ideas in your presentation. The other, is built around the rapid rearrangement of your slides, whether, you use one or both. You’ll see how much they can help you build incredible presentations now. PowerPoint is best used to bring your words a message to life.

How to Add Stylish Text & Text Effects in PowerPoint?

One way to do this is through the creative use of fonts. It helps you style text in distinctive ways that your audience will remember long after the presentation is over. Of course, PowerPoint comes with a variety of built-in fonts that you can try out on your slides, but with an Envato element subscription you unlock even more unique custom fonts elements actually has a whole font section with thousands of fonts available.

Choose unique custom fonts elements


Minimalist slide templates like Nook can help you resist the urge to clutter your slides. (Image credit: Image)

I’m building a new PowerPoint presentation. I’m looking for ways to make it more unique and want to break free of built-in font. Add a brand new one from elements, let’s jump over to Envato elements here. Navigate over to the font section by choosing it from the browse menu here at the top now here on the left side.

You’ll see some filters that help you narrow down the types of fonts to look for choosing serif decorative condensed. More options to fine-tune your selections for me. I’m open to all kinds of fonts, therefore, I’ll scroll down through the options here on the main screen each font has a preview thumbnail like you see here.

When I find one, love to go ahead and click on it. You’ll see other previews that can be clicked through here on the right. Okay, I really like the look of this font, so I’ll go ahead and download it. Then click on the download button here in the corner. In this pop-up menu, enter a license use for the font remember.

Even if you stop subscribing to the elements. You’ll still be licensed to use the font. When I’m finished. I’ll go ahead and select add and download here at the bottom the download will begin. When, it’s finished. I’ll jump over and open up the zip folder to view the font files in windows, be sure, to actually extract the zip file rather than just clicking into it.

Install Font on Your PC to use for Presentation

This makes a difference in how windows handle the font. You’ll see the font files here now. It’s time to install the font right click on its name. Then click install windows will automatically install the new font and it should only take a few seconds, that’s it, we’ve quickly gone out and found a custom font from the element. Installed it now. It’s time to go use it.

In our presentation jumping back over to my PowerPoint. I’ll start off by clicking and dragging it to select some text. As, you’re seeing me do here. Then, I’ll come up here to the font menu on the ribbon and click on this drop down just like any other font. I’ll scroll until I find the name of the font. I just added and click on PowerPoint will instantly apply it to the text.

I’ve selected new fonts aren’t the only way to style your text in PowerPoint. You can also apply text effects which are creative options to change the look. Feel of words on your slides let’s look at some of these options. I’ll click and drag to select some text here and then right click on the highlighted area down at the bottom of this pop-up menu.

Text Editing with shadow effects

I’ll select format text effects this sidebar menu will open up here on the right side. You can see these options for shadow, reflection glow. More in this case I want to add a faint shadow to the title text. I just selected. I’ll open the shadow options and here you can see, options for the size.

Style of the shadow text effect. I’ll click and drag on the size slider and as you can see a shadow appears right behind the title. Once I have it sized. I can tweak the transparency slider as well to keep the shadow comfortably in the background, when I’m finished with text effects.

I can close out the format on the sidebar and return my slide to normal view that’s really all. It takes a few simple steps to make. It’s easy to create totally unique and dynamic text styles in your PowerPoint.

Working with Images and Backgrounds in PowerPoint

Here’s another one of our top PPT tips: tap into Envato Elements’ unlimited stock photo library.

Next up, PowerPoint presentations featuring only text can get dull quickly to keep your audience engaged. You really have to spice things up with pictures and illustrations. Fortunately, PowerPoint includes a ton of great tools to make these easy images. Backgrounds can be added to your slides in just a few clicks.

There are even built-in editing tools to save you the time and trouble of using an app like photoshop to make quick-change. The first step is choosing what images you want to add. Of course, you may have photos of your own that you want to use in your presentation. But if you need to find images from an external source. You need to be careful just because you find an image online doesn’t mean that you’re free to use it.

Prepare with Elements

Even if, you’re only sharing your slides with friends’ online content of all types. It is subject to copyright and usage regulations. That’s why, it pays to subscribe to Envato elements. Among them, many other types of content include a huge library of stunning stock photos that you can use for your PowerPoint presentations.

Let’s say, I’m building a slide and I want to include two images one of a sailboat. One of the lighthouses. Its jump over to elements and type in sailboat up here in the search box. I’ll press enter on my keyboard and as you can see here. There are hundreds of results that scroll down and find one I like clicking on it.

You can see a larger preview and the option to download here on the right side. Let’s click download and go ahead. Enter a license use for the photo. Remember, even if, you stop subscribing to the elements. You’ll still be licensed to use anything you downloaded while a member. That’s it, the image file drops into my downloads and is ready to use now.

I’ll just go ahead and repeat this process to find and download a lighthouse photo that I like as well. Now, it’s time to begin placing the images in our presentation. First, we need to find a slide with a good layout. If you’re using a pre-built custom theme from Envato elements many of the slide layouts include image placeholders’ buildings.

Place images into PowerPoint

You can see here this slide has only one. That’s okay, though we can learn two ways to add images to a slide to add an image in an image placeholder. Click icon to add pictures you can see a file explorer window pops up. I’ll just browse to the image that I want on my computer. Click to add it to the slide PowerPoint will insert my image into the placeholder now.

Let’s say I want to add the lighthouse image, but I don’t have a placeholder for it on the slide no problem what we’ll do is come up here for the insert tab on PowerPoints’ ribbon. I’ll click pictures right below it and then repeat the same steps as before. Browsing to an image and clicking to insert it. Okay, our images are placed on the slide now.

Suppose, we want to make a few changes. You can click and drag on an image to move it around the slider to resize it. Click and drag on one of the corners as you’re seeing me do here. This is ideal for quick movements and style changes, but PowerPoint really offers a great set of options to edit your images. They can be found up on the ribbon.

How to Make Great SmartArt in PowerPoint?

Make sure, your image is selected and then come up with the picture tools format option here. You’ll find the ability to make colour corrections crop an image. Apply filter borders rotations and more. For example, let’s say we want to use the image as background other words. It’ll be behind our text again with the image selected.

I’ll click on send backward here on the ribbon. Then in the drop down, let’s choose send to back that’s all. It takes the image is now placed behind your text. Any other objects on the slide to demonstrate. I’ll click and drag the text box over the image and then change the font colour to something that really stands out.

Use pre-built chart template series

GIF-Glitch-Animated-Photoshop (Image credit- Envato market)

As, you can see, it’s really easy to make an image into a background photo. Smart art is a powerful way to visualize data and concepts in Microsoft PowerPoint it’s a series of pre-built chart templates that you can fully customize to meet your needs money PowerPoint templates from Envato elements. Include amazing built-in charts, but sometimes you have to go totally custom to get your point across. I’m working on a slide here. As, you can see it’s all tucked so far.

I want to make it more engaging and so I’m going to add smart art over here in the empty space to browse smart art options. Let’s come up here for the insert tab on the PowerPoint ribbon over near the center. I’ll find the button labelled smart art and click on it. You’ll see a selector menu pop-up where you can browse the wide variety of smart art available.

Create management structure

All views are a master view of every smart art design. If you want to drill down click on one of these options here on the left side. You’ll see the cycles, relationships pyramids. More for my presentation what I want to do is show off the management structure of my company that sounds like a hierarchy, so I’ll go ahead and click on hierarchy here on the left side.

Once, I do this you can see that there are several options previewed here in the center. Let’s say my company is led by a single CEO with multiple direct reports. This option here on the left side looks like a good fit, so I’ll click to preview and then choose OK. The smart art will appear here on my slide as you can see. There are text placeholders that overlay the stylish graphics that smart art brings to your presentation.

Repeat the process with proper alignment

This menu that pops up is where I edit the placeholders to fit my own content. I’ll click here in the first box and type CEO. As, I type you can watch the smart artist uploading and resizing in real time. I’ll go ahead and repeat this typing over each text placeholder with my own content. Okay, now we’ve got the smart art filled with, it’s time to explore some of our style options.

You’ll see two new menus that have appeared under the smart art tools heading here at the top design and format first up. Let’s check out the design tab where I can change the layout promote order individual nodes in the chart or change the smart art style let’s say I want to change the colour.

I’ll click on change colours here in the middle and then browse these various colour options once find one, then I’ll click on it and PowerPoint will apply it to the smart art next up. Let’s check out the format tab this applies mostly to the entire SmartArt illustration. Although you can edit each note or part of the smart art.

How to Use Animations in PowerPoint?

You can also manipulate the entire piece just like you would a photo suppose. I want to right align the chart. I’ll click and drag a corner to make a little smaller. You’re seeing me do here now on the format menu with my SmartArt selected. I’ll click on this align drop down here in the upper right. Then, I’ll click align right the chart will instantly shift to the right side of my slide.

Select SmartArt options for each text, images and videos

All the while keeping its shape and size. Be sure to spend time exploring all of the different SmartArt options. To add something truly unique to your presentation animations in PowerPoint. Refer to how objects appear on your slide. This can include text-images, charts-videos and more animations are a way to add visual interest.

Avoid introducing concepts all at once. I’m working on a slide here and as you can see there are several types of content on it. There’s a title a subtitle. A text box and an image now by default when I advance to this slide in PowerPoint.

Edit Animation Timeline according to slides

Everything you see here will show up at once in some cases, that’s totally fine, but suppose in this case I want to start off with my title. Subtitle all at once, then show the body of the text. Finally, wow my audience by showing the image that’s where animations come in.

First things first, I’ll start with the title. I’ll click on the title box to select it. Then come up to the animations tab on PowerPoints ribbon. The left half of this new menu here at the top shows the many animations available to use.

I can even click on this drop-down arrow to get an even wider selection. I really want something eye-catching so I’ll try this swivel option. I’ll click to select it. You can see a PowerPoint previewing the effect. Since, I want to animate the subtitle the same way. I’ll repeat these same steps. Then click to select the subtitle and then add the swivel animation.

How to Add Videos to PowerPoint Presentations?

Timeline-slides-PowerPoint-keynote-google-slide (Image Credit- Infographic)

Next up, it’s time to handle the main body of text right here. Below for this, I want something less fancy, so a simple fade should work with the text box selected. I’ll just return here to the animation pane and then choose fade. Finally, for the image I want something dramatic. Let’s say, it’s a big unveil, so I want to build a little suspense for this.

I’ll choose the shape animation boom. We’ve added 4 animations to our side, but we’re not finished remember how I said. Wanted the title and subtitle to animate together by default. PowerPoint introduces animations the order that they were added one, two, three, four, but wanted items one and two to appear on my slide.

Download  Copyright free videos

  1. Pexeles.Com

At the same time to customize animation order and timing. Let’s come back up to the animations tab and then click animation pane here at the top. This is really the control center for animations in PowerPoint. You’ll see a new sidebar on the right with all of our animations listed. Since, I want to group 1 and 2. I’ll go ahead and right click on item 2 here.

Then, I’ll click start with previous on the down now. You’ll see only three numbered animations listed, but still our same four options. The one we just changed is now nested under the item. One so it’ll start at the same time. There are other changes that you can make as well up here in the timing menu. You can change animation duration delay start trigger and more.

This gives you the ability to match animations to the pace of your overall presentation. You can also reorder animations up here by clicking. Dragging on the side. Just a few clicks, the entire dynamic of the slide can change. That’s it, now that things are styled and ordered correctly. It’s time to preview our side. I’ll come over here to the preview button in the upper left corner.

Add Subtitle animate

Click on it and it’s perfect as you can see the title. Subtitle animate, simultaneously, they’re followed by the text box. Finally, the image here on the left one word of caution too much animation can be distracting. Annoying to your audience, it really pays to keep things simple. Understated content.

One example is video in just a few clicks, you can actually embed a video right onto a slide. This is perfect. If you need a visual aid or really want to explore something in more depth videos in PowerPoint can be edited. Changed just like images you also have a nice assortment of editing tools to make simple changes to a video right inside of PowerPoint.

I’m working on a slide here and you can see some text over here on the left side. Let’s say I want to fill the space here with a video to add a bit more visual appeal. The first step is to find a video to add to my slide. Of course, you may have videos of your own that you want to use, but let’s say that isn’t the case and I need to find a video online

Add Voice or music

As, with all other types of online content you have to be careful about copyrights. Whether it’s okay to use web video in your PowerPoint that’s where Envato elements comes in elements has recently added a library of stock video that you can use through your monthly membership.

Let’s jump over to elements and check out their stock video options for my PowerPoint. Let’s say that I want to show video of a waterfall. I’ll type that in the search box and then press enter on my keyboard as you can see elements has hundreds of options for me here. I’ll scroll down and then click on the thumbnail of a video that I can watch this larger preview here. If I’m ready to use it.

Keep Download Video with Licence

I’ll just click download here on the right side now elements will ask me for a license usage basically a description of how and where I intend to use the video. I’ll select one and click download. You’re seeing me do here now remember that even if you stop subscribing to the element. You’ll still be licensed to use the video for its original purpose.

My video is downloaded and it’s time to add it to my slide jumping back over to PowerPoint. Let’s come up to the insert tab on the ribbon over here on the far-right side in the media section. You’ll see a button called video. I’ll go ahead and click on it. You’ll see this drop down with two options. Online video is useful if you want to use a video stored online, but for our purposes let’s go ahead.

Choose video on my PC this browser window will open up. I can go ahead and locate the video file we just downloaded select it. Press insert PowerPoint will drop the video onto my slide. The first thing you may notice is that the video may cover up your entire slide, but that’s no problem. Just like an image I can click and drag corners to make the video smaller.

Customize effects and styling

Then drag it over the slide in place. It’s just where I want. Also have many options for editing and styling the video. These can be found up here on the ribbon under the video tools heading the format tab. Let’s me apply effects and styling to customize the video the playback tab is a true editor. One thing that’s worth noting is some video templates are quite lengthy that means it might be best to show.

Just a section of the video to trim a video on the playback tab. I’ll click on trim video, PowerPoint will pop up this trim video window to trim. I can click and drag these green and red handles. Select the exact interval I want to show when I’m satisfied. I’ll press ok and PowerPoint will cut the video to show only the part that I had selected back on the slide.

Let’s press this play arrow here. Watch his PowerPoint. Plays the video, that’s it in just a few clicks. We’ve dressed up a blank slide with an amazing video GIF are a  popular way to add some motion. Style to your PowerPoint presentation while we often think of GIFs as just funny images, they can also be really useful visual aids to help.

How to Insert GIFs in PowerPoint Presentation?

What You’ll Be Creating with Gif – (Image credit- Envato Market)

You get your point across Envato elements has a nice collection of GIFs that you can download with your membership. I’m using this flat animated icon set here, which includes several cool GIF icons in a single download. Let’s go ahead and download the pack by clicking on download as usual. We need to specify license usage.

Choose GIF from Internet

Remember, you’ll be able to use these, even if, you stop subscribing to elements the file will download. Let’s go ahead and open it up here to see what we have! As, you can see in the folder here, there’s a nice assortment an airplane clipboard megaphone. More keep these in mind as you build out your slides, jumping over to PowerPoint.

We’ll look at a slide that I’ve been creating. You can see, it’s pretty text heavy without a lot of visual interest. When, you’re putting your slides together, always remember that you’re presenting it to an audience. It’s human nature to be attracted by colours and motion, whereas, text alone can become dull.

The worst thing that can happen to you as a presenter is to lose the attention of your audience. GIFs are an easy way to make sure they stay engaged my slide is talking about data here, so it feels like the paper charts GIF. The pack we downloaded would be a good fit. Let’s go ahead and add it to the slideshow.

Attracted with colours and motion to audience

Adding a GIF to PowerPoint is just like adding a regular still image. You can come up here for the insert tab on the ribbon, then click on the pictures in the images group in the window that pops up. Then browse to where the GIFs are stored on my computer. I’ll click on the one that want to select. Then click on insert down in the lower right corner PowerPoint will drop the image onto my slide.

Just like any other image I can click on it. Drag to move it around on my slide. One can also resize the GIF by pulling on one of these handles in the corners. You’re seeing me do here, but this isn’t the only customization option that I have to check those out with the GIFs selected. Let’s come up here with the picture tools format option here.

I can add effects align and position the GIF precisely on the slide or even rotate it to a new angle for our purposes. Let’s say I want to change the colour of the GIF to make it a better match for my slide. I’ll go ahead and click on colour here on the left side. This window will pop up with a collection of pre-built colour themes for my GIF.

Select colour wheel to choose colour

Now can click on the thumbnail to choose it or for even more options, let’s click on more variations here at the bottom. Then on more colours, now you’ll see this colour wheel where the possibilities are truly endless. Click and drag the colour chooser to find a new colour for the GIFs. Notice the preview changing here in the lower right corner, when we found a colour.

I’ll press the GIF will instantly update itself on the slide now. It’s time to preview the GIFs. I start the preview watch as the GIF, animated onto the slide our custom colours are also applied and by default the GIF keeps playing over and over. It’s really easy to add cool GIFs to your slides to help keep your audience focused. One of the best uses for PowerPoint is to help visualize data trying to talk through numbers. It can be really dull and confusing. That’s why, it’s so helpful to use PowerPoint charts to help bring your data to life.

How to Edit PowerPoint Charts?

PowerPoint Charts (Image credit: Envato Market)

There are tons of chart styles and options available and you can fully customize each one. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to make your presentation pop. Keep your audience engaged. PowerPoint themes from Envato elements often come with incredible charts already built in. All you have to do is change the styling and data to fit your own needs.

Customize Chart style

I’m working on a slide here. It has a bar chart already showing on the left side. Now, the data here was included with the template. I need to change it out to use my own data my vision for the chart is to show my fictional company’s market share growth over the past five years. First off, these blocks right above each bar don’t really fit with my chart, so I’ll go ahead and delete them all it takes is selecting each one.

Pressing delete on my keyboard this frees up space. Makes the chart looks little cleaner, okay. Now, it’s time to customize the data itself. I’ll right-click anywhere on the chart and then choose edit data. You’ll actually see an excel spreadsheet window open right inside of PowerPoint there. I can start changing out the data in each of these five rows.

Write Less with Chart and images

I’ll type in a year in the left column. A percentage in the right column as I go PowerPoint will automatically scale the chart to match my data when I’m finished. I’ll just press enter. Exit out of the excel screen. That’s it in just a few seconds I’ve reinvented the chart to fit my message, but changing the data isn’t the only thing that I can do.

Let’s say that I want to reposition the chart on my slide charts work just like images. I can just click and drag to move the chart to different positions. I can resize it by clicking on a corner. Scaling it up or down when you’re giving a presentation. Remember that, chart labels and details might be hard to see from the back of a room.

That’s why, it pays to make your chart as big as you can now. I’ve added my data and placed the chart on the slide. I’ll finish by changing out the look and feel of the charts these options live up here. On the design tab in the chart tools design option here. I can change things like the chart style. Even, the type of chart for our purposes all.

Make attractive to others

I want to do is change the colours of the chart to make it a little more vivid to do that. Let’s click on the change colour button here. The PowerPoint theme we’re using includes a wide variety of colour palettes designed to match the overall look. The feel of the presentation, however, over a few of these options.

The chart will preview them live as you can see here. Once, I find a colour simply click to select it. The chart will update to match finally last up. We want to remove some of the clutter from the chart the main thing. These grid lines just to give the chart a cleaner look with the chart selected. Let’s click on the plus icon here and then click to uncheck the grid line box.

That does it in just a few easy steps. We’ve created a totally custom stylish chart to help bring our data to life. Charts can be useful in almost any presentation. Especially, those that are data driven infographics are visuals used to illustrate concepts. Data in a clear and concise way they’re especially useful in PowerPoint presentations, because they help you explain your key ideas to your audience.

How to Edit PowerPoint Infographics?

Tutorial with info graphics (Image credits: Envato market)

I like to use infographics regularly both to make my slides more attractive. Easier to understand infographics are meant to be simple. Creating them should be too, that’s why it’s so helpful to use pre-built infographic PowerPoint templates from Envato elements infographic templates like the one you see here are packed with incredible designs that fit almost any situation all you have to do is add in your own data.

The professional designs do there, scroll through a few of the slide designs here. You can see how many options exist in this template. It’s up to you to choose the one that works best. The key to selecting an infographic is figuring out what you’re trying to communicate. In my case, I want to document a simple process flow let’s choose this slide right here as the forward-facing arrow seems to fit my purpose.

Select proper Infographic for presentation

Now my process has three steps, identification action. Resolution so I won’t need all four of these arrow placeholders, so first up I’ll click on one in the middle here to select it. Press delete on my keyboard, then I’ll click on this shape and drag it to center it between the first and last arrows. I’ll also delete the corresponding text box right below.

Then, I’ll align each of these text boxes with the corresponding shape in the infographic next up. It’s time to customize the infographic to fit my process in this case. I’ll start adding captions to each of the three text boxes you’re seeing me do here. The bold font is like a title and the text below is describing.

Less writing with each infographic

Try not to get too wordy like I said. Infographics are meant to simplify concepts. A few words should suffice, once I’ve finished adding my text. I want to clean up each shape for that. I’ll just click inside each shape and delete the content placeholders inside. I can also explore up here in the drawing tools format menu on the ribbon where I can change things like the shape. Fill colour you can also resize each of the shapes.

How to Add Music to PowerPoint Presentations?

I want mine a little bigger so here on the right in the side section. I’ll type in new height and weight measurements for the shapes. We’ve selected, then I’ll just repeat this process for the other two shapes with that it may be necessary to move the shapes around. The slides by just clicking and dragging this will make sure, they stay positioned in a coherent layout.

Find music and download in PC

That’s it, with pre-built infographic templates you can build out incredible visual aids for your presentations in just a few steps. You don’t have to use only your voice to deliver great PowerPoint presentations sometimes. It helps to use music to add drama and interest to your slides. This is a pre-built PowerPoint template.

I downloaded through my Envato element’s membership. Elements has recently added royalty-free music that you can use in presentations and other projects the files are included in your element’s membership. By providing a license usage, you’re covered in terms of copyrights and fair use.

Stop with sound effects

You should skip sound effects if you want to learn how to make an effective PowerPoint presentation without distractions. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

Sound effects – like the swoop that used to happen when your college professor brought a new bullet point to the power point – distracting and outdated. Avoid this in most cases.

Add audio or music to your presentation to inject interest or highlight an important point, but there is something to take extra care with. If you include audio, make sure that your usage really connects with your audience and takes a fresh approach. Otherwise, it is best to leave it.

Choose Proper Music

I’m working on a pitch tech presentation and I think it could really benefit from some music added to it. Jumping over to the element’s homepage I’ll come up here to the browse tab. Hover over it on the drop down. I’ll go ahead and choose music this will narrow my search to include only music files now.

It’s time to think about the type of music that I want to use. My presentation is meant for my business so high-volume rock music probably isn’t the best choice. Instead, I’d like some soft piano music just to play in the background let’s go ahead. Try a broad search term piano. That type it in and hit enter and elements will return all music results matching that keywords you can see. I get thousands of results. I’ll scroll down until I find a title that looks right for me.

Download with License

Then, I can play a preview of the music just by clicking this play arrow here on the left side. This one sounds great, so I want to go ahead and download it. Click on this download arrow here on the right side now. We get this pop-up window that asks me to input a license used for the file. Then give it a name and then click add. Download here at the bottom once the download is finished. Now go ahead and extract the zip archive to easily access the sound file inside.

I can see the music files along with supporting documentation jumping back to PowerPoint. It’s now time to add the music to my presentation I want it to play from the very start of my presentation. So, let’s be sure we’re working on the first slide. Then, I’ll come up here to the insert tab on power point’s ribbon over on the far-right side in the media group.

Edit Slide with Music

I’ll click on the audio button from the drop down. I’ll click on the audio on my PC. You can browse to where the music file we just downloaded iOS stored on my computer. Press insert to add it you’ll see a sound symbol with playback controls appear in the center of my slideshow by default.

These controls will be visible on the slide. You’ll also have to click to start the music playing for my purposes. I want the controls to be invisible. The music to start all by itself and keep playing for the duration of the presentation to make those changes. I’ll come up with the audio tools playback menu.

Preview presentation

First up, let’s make sure the controls stay hidden by checking this box labelled hide during the show. Then to start the music automatically, click on this drop down next to the start box. Choose automatic. Let’s also make sure the music keeps playing across multiple slides by default. It only plays on the slide.

You add it to that’s done by checking this play across slides option here. Last up to keep the music file playing over and over throughout your presentation check loop until stopped. That’s it, we’ve added a calm background track to the presentation, be sure to turn your sound on and preview your presentation. As, you’re seeing me do here click through a few slides to make sure the music keeps playing just the way you want it.

How to Customize a Device Mockup in PowerPoint?

Infographic with mock-up (Image credit: Infographic)

As, you can see it’s easy to make your presentation stand out through the use of music. With your element’s membership, you have a ton of great options PowerPoint presentations are great ways to show off software. Services to potential users, even if you just want to show a preview of your website device. Mock-up templates are the best way to do it device.

Download Mock-up from Envato

Mock-ups are visual representations in the real world of computers, smartphones and tablets on which you can feature screenshots of apps. Websites I’m using a stunning pre-built device. Mock-up theme from Envato elements called pitch works. You can see there’s a cell phone mock-up here with a blank screen these content placeholders around. The sides will enable me to expand on different features of a website or appall. I need to do is take a screenshot on a smartphone once I’ve done that.

I’ll copy the image file to my computer now. Just adding the screenshot image to my slide won’t allow me to overlay it on the phone. Mock-up a little bit of editing will be needed for that for this. I’ll need to jump over to the slide templates. Download folder inside. You’ll see this folder called PSD device mock-up.

Edit Image (.PSD) in Adobe Photoshop

Use Slide Sorter view to drag-and-drop and re-sequence the order of images in your slideshow. (Image credit: Envato))

I’ll go ahead and open it up.  You can see sub folders inside for all different types of devices, tablets, laptops, smartphones and more. For my presentation, I’m working with a smartphone, so I’ll go ahead and open that folder inside there’s this smartphone .PSD file which is an adobe photoshop image file.

If I have photoshop installed, I can double click on the file and photoshop will launch okay now. We’ve got photoshop open up. In the center window here, you’ll see a placeholder image turned at a sharp angle, think back to the smartphone mock-up. You’ll realize this image is meant to perfectly overlay the screen.

All we need to do is add in our own screenshot down here in the lower right in the layers panel. You’ll see two layers stacked one is the background and the other is labelled double click here. You’ll see arrows pointing at this tiny thumbnail movie go ahead and double click on it. This is called a smart object layer.

Setup in slide and preview

By clicking on it the image placeholder will appear in the preview screen. As, you can see here now all I have to do is locate my screenshot of my computer and click and drag it onto the photoshop window. Click and drag the edges of the screenshot until it completely covers the placeholder when I’ve got it right.

I’ll go ahead and press CTRL+S on windows or command S on the MAC to save my changes. Then, I’ll jump over to the main window here by choosing this tab in the upper left. As, you can see photoshop has adjusted the screenshot to match the angle of the smartphone mock-up screen. It looks great and I can’t wait to see it on my slide.

Finally, I’ll go ahead and go through the steps of saving and exporting the image from photoshop. You can see me doing here now that our screenshot is ready. Let’s go ahead and jump back to the slide on the mock-up screen. Note that it says click icon to add picture this is the image placeholder already built into the mock-up.

Preparation with Software

I’ll go ahead and click on it. In the browser window that pops up I’ll navigate to adjust where the screenshot file store on my computer. When, I’ll go ahead and click to insert it. Boom, that’s it. PowerPoint will drop the screenshot right on top of the mock-up. You can see here. It fits perfectly this is really an awesome tool for showing off your new software app website or anything else.

That runs on a device many of us will give many different PowerPoint presentations in our careers. Lives pre-built templates make things easier by letting us fill in placeholder instead of building a presentation from scratch, but even so making completely new presentations over and over can get tedious fast sometimes slides from one presentation can be easily reused in another.

How to Copy and Paste Slides Between Templates

Business info graphics, PowerPoint keynote google slides-preview (Image Credit- Infographic)

Let’s look at how to do just that it’s as easy as copying and pasting from one presentation into another. I’m working on a new PowerPoint presentation here and as you can see this is an introduction to my fictional company. I’ve put a lot of work into this. I think it looks great, but as you can see all. We have here is text and images. Now want to add an infographic showing where my team is located around the globe.

The presentation doesn’t have a pre-built slide template for that. I don’t have time to build one from scratch. Luckily, I remember making a similar chart in a past presentation. We want to take that slide and move it to our new presentation. Here, the first thing I need to do is locate the slide or slides I want to copy from the old presentation.

Multi-select or copy multiple slide

I’ll jump over to it and you can see the globe infographic. I built this is the slide. I want to add to my new presentation over here in the sidebar. I’ll make sure the slide, select, if I wanted to multi-select or copy multiple slides. I could just hold down control on windows or command on Mac and click to select multiple slides in this case. However, I only want this one slide, so I’ll just go ahead and copy it to my clipboard.

Then, I’ll jump back to my new presentation my next step is to decide exactly where I want to paste the infographic slide looking at my options here on the left side. I think it would fit perfectly between the slides called who we are and what we do. I’ll click once in the empty space between the two slides.

Copy – Paste details

You’ll see this line appear which tells me that I’ve selected that gap to insert a new slide. Then, I’ll go ahead and paste instantly you’ll see the slide from the old presentation appear in the new one. Now, here you have two options by default PowerPoint match the colours. Style of the pasted slide in my new presentation in other words.

The layout stays the same, but the colours match the theme of the new presentation in many cases. This is great, but let’s suppose that I want to paste the slide in, but maintain its original colours. To do that, I’ll click on the copy dropdown in the corner of the new slide thumbnail. You’ll see this pop-up called paste option now by default PowerPoint use.

Keeps the source in the format

The paste option uses destination theme which means it converts to match to keep things in their original style. I’ll click the center option which keeps source formatting. You’ll see the slide revert to the colours of the old presentation. In general, when you’re pasting PowerPoint does a great job, but sometimes layout and formatting don’t convert exactly.

Right in this case things look perfect, but sometimes you may need to rearrange the slide. Just by clicking and dragging content placeholders back into their original positions. As, you can see copying and pasting slides between templates is a wonderful time saving technique that keeps you from doing the same word twice you.

Useful tips to take steps and to give presentation time

Skilled speakers have a knack for reading the energy of the room and adjusting their presentation on the fly. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

When the actual day arrives, there are only a few final power point presentation tips and guidelines to keep in mind:

Take a deep breath

Taking deep breaths relieves stress. (Source: NHS website) It’s simple and it will help you stay calm as well as at the moment. Even to the last minute before starting.

Lighten your mood

Tell yourself a joke or watch a funny video clip. Do this before the presentation. Recent research concludes that the happiest people were more productive. (Source: Fast Company) More productive is more focused and able to perform better.

Remind yourself that it’s slow

When we are stressed or nerves (or both), we talk fast. Consciously, take yet another deep breath and remind yourself to slow it down!

Ready Room

Every presentation room has a temperature. It is your job as a speaker to gauge this and tailor your presentation to it.

Here is a great example. Sorting is coming to a company, and you are asked to talk to the audience. Even if the audience is not personally affected by the tasks, you have to consider the overall morale of the workforce.

PowerPoint presentation tips and tricks to help avoid mistakes (what not to do)

Most importantly, focus on what you can do to improve your presentation. There is nothing important that we have to address. Here are some PowerPoint presentation tips and tricks to help avoid misrepresentation.

Do not use flashy slide transitions

Don’t forget that PowerPoint templates are infinitely customizable and serve as design tips inside a PPTX file.

Again, it is distracting and outdated. Make changes to your PowerPoint presentation and use subtle animations. But you need to take care and correct.

Beware of clip art

This PowerPoint presentation tip also should not say no. But please, please do not use clip art. Use professional graphics instead.

Don’t be afraid

Top pros use mindfulness to conquer fears and deliver a good PowerPoint presentation every time. (Image source: Envato Elements.)

The fear of public speaking is a real one. Many beginners think that if they are feeling nervous that a presentation will not succeed well. This may cause them to cancel the presentation.

Many of the best PowerPoint tricks do not use the application at all! Here is a tip from expert Sandra Zimmer, who leads the Self-Expression Center on conquering her fears before going on stage.

If you feel that public speaking apprehension is not normal, you can never make your award-winning presentation. Therefore, do not be afraid and accept that it is part of the process!

Read directly during your PowerPoint presentation

If you spend your entire presentation looking at the screen or, your note card, you are sure to lose your audience’s attention. They will be distracted by what you are saying, and your presentation will be flat.

Reading from your paper or screen also feels like you are not ready. Many do this, but none should. As a general rule, you should only present a few things that you know well and miss the main points, at least at most.

Don’t miss out on PowerPoint optimization

One major mistake that fraudulent presenters miss is when they start working with PowerPoint designs such as Envato Elements.

The best way to see that to make a good presentation PPT is to start with designs from others. This means using a template, but that does not mean you cannot customize them!


Too wrapped up with the presentation to teach you how to build your PowerPoint presentation for your business. As we all know “Practice makes all Perfects!”. Do repeat this practice and get master in it.


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