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Marketing-mastery tips and strategies from your ‘franchise bible’ coach.

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Marketing is one of the most important controllable factors in any business. Great marketing will produce amazing results and bad marketing will not. Unfortunately, most business owners do not know the difference until the money is spent, which is too late to adjust.

Building trust again

The biggest fact from the interviews of many franchisees and franchise owners over the past few months is that the consumer must feel safe and trust a business before they will return. If you do not feel safe you cannot attract them with the lowest price or even the best quality. Your marketing messaging should contain all that is happening to ensure that your business is safe. Communicate a lot to ensure that you are building trust with customers in each market.

We already have more marketing options and better tracking. So why are most business owners reporting that their marketing is less effective today than it was back in the good old days?

It seems that marketing has become more complex as technology expands. We used to have very targeted media options such as a local newspaper delivered in a region. If the area is close to your local business, you can place a print ad in that paper and the reader will know about your business and can stop or give you a call. Now an advertisement on the Internet can reach people around the world, but your buyers may not be on the Internet. You have far more competition online, so how will you stand out? Modern business owners need to use all available marketing tools and strategies to stand above the competition.

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Marketing poles

We train our clients using the fisherman simile in the boat. Business owners are fishermen, and the six poles represent the various subcategories of your marketing-plan arsenal. The best way to catch the most fish is to have all six poles in the water. You can tweak different feeds (messages, media, offers, calls to action) and different depths (markets, regions, demographics) and track and return for better returns on investment (ROI). Usually when we do a marketing evaluation, there is a business owner who is focusing all his attention on one or two poles, such as the Internet and / or advertising. It only reaches prospects who use those media options. To stand above the rest, you want to get a “Zenith Marketing Department” with all six poles in the water to catch the most fish.

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The Internet has not replaced all other marketing media. Some young marketers believe that digital marketing is the only way. Digital marketing is great for certain areas and certain types of business products and services, but if you neglect other offline marketing options, you will miss some buyers. For example, a creative, targeted direct-mail campaign can be very effective with the right message, proposal, and prospect list.

Here are some of us Franchise coach Marketing tips you can implement to get a better ROI:

  1. Create a comprehensive marketing plan that includes all six categories (polls), as well as departmental targets and KPIs, budgets and projected ROI proformas.
  2. The franchisor must have a marketing plan for consumer marketing used by franchise locations and corporate entities and a separate marketing plan for franchise recruitment.
  3. Commit to keeping all six poles in the water at all times. This will not break the bank either. There are creative and inexpensive ways to use different categories to find new customers.
  4. Make sure you have systems in place to track all customer traffic and leads, so that you can track and tweak to achieve consistently better ROI.
  5. Meet with the marketing team regularly to check results against the marketing plan and adjust as needed.

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This week, make an awesome marketing plan that includes all six poles so you can catch more fish than ever before, and remember to make sure your customers feel safe. You are doing amazing things to move the business forward, so give yourself some well-deserved credit and remember to keep fighting the good fight!


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