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social media The app TikTok has become an art form in short, shareable videos. now Instagram is Getting on the craze Together Instagram reels, Which allows you to add music and fun visual effects to looping videos.

Once your 15-second clip is recorded, it can be shared with your Instagram followers. If you have a public account, you can also distribute your videos to the greater Instagram community. Let’s see how this works.

Open the reels social media and Instagram

Open the Instagram app and tap the camera icon in the upper-left corner, or swipe the main screen to the right. On the camera screen, you should see three options below: Live, Story and Reels. One tap for reels.

By default, the app uses a front-facing camera, but you can also tap the camera icon in the lower-right corner to change to a rear-camera. To determine whether the flash is on, off, or automatic, tap the flash icon at the top.

Add music and effects

You can either use social media audio from your video or add music from Instagram’s library. If you add music to the video, the audio of the video will not be included in the recording. To add music, tap the audio icon on the left. From here on, it will work when you do it Add music to a story.

Scourt Instagram’s library for songs in the For You and Browse section. Under Browse, select a specific genre, mood, or subject to view the songs in that area. To search for music, type the name of a song or artist in the search field at the top. If you like a song, tap the play button to listen to a short clip.

social media Music selection in instagram

To add the social media song to your video, just tap on its name. Then you return to the video screen, where Instagram is included and a 15-second section of the song. You can turn your finger into a different part of the song by turning it downward with the slider bar. At the same time, the lyrics of the song appear on the screen so that you can choose your section in this way. When you find a section you want, tap Done at the top.

Social media Choosing the length of the song in Instagram

If you want to change the speed of the social media video, tap on the speed icon at the bottom left of the audio icon. This option lets you set the speed at which your video is recorded and played. Choose .3x or .5x to play the video in slow motion, or speed it up with 2x or 3x. Your chosen song still plays at the right speed.

Choose zoom settings in instagram

Next, tap the effects icon. You can scroll through various effects and preview each one. Swipe all the way and tap on the Browse Effects button to see all the effects available in Instagram. Make an impression you like and leave it in place.

social media Changing effects in instagram

You can manually set the length of your video by tapping on the timer icon. Drag the right side of the slider bar to the right to minimize and shorten the video.

Changing Video Length in Instagram social media

If you have added music, the song will play so that you can give your video time to tune in some songs or your music. After choosing your preferred length, tap the button on the set timer.

Record video

Tap the shutter button to record your video. A three-second countdown stops, and then your recording begins. If you want to pause the video, tap the shutter button again. After you stop it, you can change some features, including AR effects and speed.

Recording reels video

If you see an Align icon on the screen, you can tap on the option to straighten your video. Tap the shutter button again to resume recording. Your video recording ends in 15 seconds. After the video ends, it plays automatically so that you can watch it.

If you want to change the music, tap the left arrow at the top. Make your changes, and then tap the down arrow to the right to replay the video with the music changes you’ve made.

Add Text, Stickers and Emoji

After your video is recorded, you can proceed by adding text, stickers and emojis, or drawing something. To add a sticker or emoji, tap the smiley icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Some stickers display location or time; Tapping them can change the color or style.

Add stickers

Select the sticker or emoji you want and place it on the screen. You can move the item around, or you can make it larger or smaller with a pinch of two fingers. Tap the Pin option to pin the item to the screen so that it rotates when your video plays. If you don’t want to have a sticker or emoji, press it and drag it to the trash icon.

Drawing on video social media

You can draw on the video by tapping the pen icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen. The drawing toolbar allows you to choose the type of pen you want to use, thickness and color. If you don’t like what you drew, you can remove it from the eraser tool or tap the undo button to remove your previous drawing.

social media

Tap the letter icon in the top toolbar to set the font and color of the text. The font size shrinks to accommodate the text as you type. You can move the text around by dragging it and change the shape even further by pinching it.

share video

When your video ends, tap the down arrow to the right to share it. By default, your video is shared via reels. If you too want to share this in your feed, make sure the switch is on Also share feed. You can also share it with your story, or with select friends.

Video sharing for reels

If you have a public account, your video will be shared in the Explore section, so any Instagram user can view it. Tap to finalize share.

Reels in the applore page instagram

See the reels others have made from the explore page of the app. Tap the search icon on the main feed page and scroll down the search results. Some videos will be marked as reels.


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