Summer officially

On a sunny day in late August, the scene in Ogunquit Summer officially, a small coastal town about 45 minutes south of Portland, was typical for its busy season. Tourists set about the front of souvenir shops through a pile of T-shirts with “men” on them, embossed on them, and line up at the local ice cream shop Sweet peasWas 10-deep. But the scene was still not specific: everyone was on a mask, and that line in Sweet P? It pulls the block half down according to social disturbances.

The coast of Maine is a popular summer destination any year, but , Residents of New Jersey and Connecticut come there in greater numbers, especially in this hot season, to take advantage of the fact that – coming from neighboring states with low infection rates – they have to quarantine for 14 days or a There was no need to present a negative covid – 19 tests upon arrival (residents of New Hampshire and Vermont are also missing).

But speaking to an Ogunquit resident during my visit, he pointed out that although the roads were busy for an outsider, it was practically empty relative to last summer, forcing business owners there – As with everywhere around the world – Pivot to think creatively and where necessary.

Now is the summer season, what lies ahead for cities like Ogunquit? See four ways that seasonal businesses can adapt and move during the colder months.

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Take advantage of unusual school programs

Nancy White MD, “September is New Year” Cliff House, A 226-room resort about 10 minutes from Ogunquit. After being closed for several months, the hotel reopened eagerly in June, but smaller, more crowded than usual. For the first few weeks it was only open to Maine residents, but the hotel has slowly begun to welcome visitors from more states as the quarantine rules of Maine have changed.

Cliff House’s two outdoor pools, miles of walkways with night rest and fire pits, are built to be enjoyed on the road, which is why the busiest months of the year are usually June, July and August , When the weather in Maine is predictably pleasant.

Cliff House Men

September usually means families going back home for school and conference business, but this is not happening this year. Instead, Cliff House has seen more families booking for multi-week, taking advantage of the fact that children are either starting school late, going online or homeschooling.

And with the lack of major events or conferences happening, White says he has transformed the conference space into a “zoom room”. Guests can book for calls, and use Cliff House’s large ballroom at a virtual school (with a break for “vacation”). In a children’s club or indoor pool).

Now that summer is waning, White’s team is focusing on planning activities such as tables and biking trails for autumn and igloo and snowshoe trails for winter. White explains that guests will say, “I don’t want to fly; I am not going to the Caribbean right now. Winter is coming, so take a five-day weekend and go to the coast. ”

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Follow the trends

Thirty minutes up the road from Cliff House near Cannebunkport, Hana Peavani is keeping the doors of her six-room boutique property, Waldo Emerson Inn, By rethinking its business model. When the restrictions in Maine began to ease, “I quickly realized that I was benefited because of the small size of my property, so I advertised it as a short-term rental,” she says.

“Within 48 hours of posting it online I got a reservation for the month of June from a group of New York millennials who could work remotely. In Maine we were not allowed to accept guests at the stay until June 26, but a long-term rental for 31 days allowed me to generate revenue when others could not. ”

Summer officially

Image Credit: Christian Gianelli

Then, he noticed a pattern among his guests and quickly peeped to meet his new needs. “I’ve always had two dog-friendly rooms, but I noticed Kovid’s tendency to adopt dogs, so I built my entire inn of dogs to cater to this growing niche market,” she says.

Now, Pevny is running its normal business and occasionally Laying out the entire property for those looking for a coastal getaway, which also gives him some much needed rest.

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Go where your customers are

A few hours earlier in Waterbury, Vermont, the portability of Katya Diangelo’s summer side hustle made the biggest difference in its sales this summer. She runs The abdominal friends, The “ice cream trike” that she pedals around the city from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Fewer tourists meant that D’Angelo opened four nights a week instead of six and closed 30 minutes earlier than usual, but was able to easily find business where there were local customers instead of tourists.

Summer officially

Image Credit: The Uter Friends

“Changing the venue for this year was the biggest adaptation, which eventually proved to be so successful that I would likely continue in the next season as well,” she says.

Apart from a few small weddings this month, she now puts a trio in hibernation for the winter, but in summer she proved to be more fruitful than expected. She says, “Business was better than considering everything, although my processing fees were higher, because more people used credit cards.”

“Still,” the ability to install there Were In fact, people were very beneficial, ”says Dangelo. “I have Vermont residents to thank for being responsible – of the state, and of my city, Keselod has been one of the lowest in the country, so the locals felt comfortable going out for an ice cream treat. ”

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Look for the positive

In a remote corner of the country Near Bristol Bay, Nancy Morris Lyon’s Sport Fishing Lodge has received a setback after setback as she attempts to preserve the business. A fishing guide with over 35 years of experience, Leon runs Bear Trail Lodge Just three and a half months out of the year, through mid-October, which brings 90 percent of her annual income. Although the state of Alaska never required it to close, business was down nearly 40 percent, and the regional air carrier went bankrupt early in the year, which meant that no one flew in and out of Anchorage for two weeks. can.

Summer officially

Image Credit: Bear Trail Lodge

“This season has not seen anything that I can even compare,” says Leon. “When I did not safely take flights to our remote location, I conducted my operation through a multi-day volcanic shutdown. I have run it through the 9/11 catastrophe and President Obama’s visit when all airports were closed to ensure security. Of all those obstacles, this season has been the most challenging and stressful ever. ”

Leon has taken those changes in progress

Summer officially

On a sunny day in late August, the scene in Ogunquit Summer officially, a small coastal town about 45 minutes south of Portland, however, by hiring construction staff and Alaska Airlines employees to vacate their mortgages to rent vacant staff rooms, which allow guests to navigate the changing quarantine and testing requirements and this year Help to rebook guests who cancel their trips.

Summer officially – What makes special?

Lyon and his now-younger team, however, are hoping for a season that allows them to remain open until the end of October and banking on a viable vaccine that will help them fill the room over the next several seasons. “If we are forced to endure another season like this, I’ll focus on the positive – all the lessons I’ve learned,” Leon says. “I know how to keep my tables to maintain a six-foot distance.

I already have air purifiers and hand sanitizer locations. My guides know how to keep distance. I’m cautiously optimistic about what people want journey And see the beauty of the Bristol Bay area. My goal is to fulfill those dreams. ”

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