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Hey there! Here I'm presenting about myself! My name is Parth! A little bit Introvert, but crazy about technology. I've completed Masters in Structural Engineering. Recently, I left a 40k/Month job from Adani as Structural engineer. Before coming to YouTube, life goal was work in MNC along with established my own structural consultancy. I belonged to baniya family, business is in my blood. I have left my PhD Planning for now, I'm experimenting digital transformation with my family business. I believe that I can change Indian traditional business thinking with my creative ideas, Automation, and planning with innovation.

What is

Digital Transformation?

If you Like to know how Business work in 2020? Then, this is for you. You Need to Take  together all good things, like, we can see how digital forces are reshaping five key domains of strategy:

  • Customers,
  • Competition,
  • Data,
  • Innovation, and
  • Value


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Why Business Transformation?

Easy to use

Direct Approach with Communication Software to know the customer's need make Unlimited products to serve as many customers at home.


Competition across fluid industries, Competitors cooperate in key areas, Platforms with partners who exchange value, Winner-takes-all due to network effects.

Data Transparency

The challenge of data is turning it into valuable information.
Data is a key intangible asset for value creation.
To collect data, Automaton softwares are available.

Innovation & Technology

Automation Software, Legit Brand Promotion in Digital World, Such as, social media, Mastermind Landing and sales Pages to attract Customers.

Key features


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Learn Business PowerPoint Tips

Knowing how to use PowerPoint and working within it early is helpful. But more important is creating a good presentation that hits all your goals and delivers it effectively. 



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